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SS501 Love Like This MV


Love, Naege wa neon, like this. So Love, Gidarin neoran girl. True love, Dagawa neon like this. One Love, Neon naege neon naegero~~~  oooooooooomooooo im going to faint~ HAHHA

Thursday, October 29, 2009

G-Dragon Concert tickets sold out in 10 minutes!

I'm sure you guys were trying to find some way to get to G-Dragon's "Shine A Light" concert after watching the commercial. But unfortunately, you probably can't.

As soon as the first round of tickets went on sale, they were gone! In 10 minutes, fans had already reserved 12,000 seats at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. Approximately 10,000 fans fought for tickets and 1 out of 10 were lucky enough to get them for this highly anticipated concert.

But you still have a chance as the second round of ticket sales will open on the 30th. Which will most likely be just as challenging as the first round.

YG Entertainment stated:

"We tried to give more fans a chance to come this time. We had more seats available than the Big Bang concerts but it still sold out immediately."

This will be an epic concert as G-Dragon will perform songs from his album that were never performed before and I'm sure his fellow YG family members will come and support him on stage.

G-Dragon's "Shine A Light" Ad

vid: taijizero1


2PM fans send $68,000 to JYPE! + Details of Jaebeom’s Return?

Twenty 2PM fanclubs got together and sent 6,192 fake bank books to JYP Entertainment as part of their second boycott, but also to show their support through symbolism.

The bank books all say they have approximately $10 (11,000won) in them, with the following message, "We have $10 to buy 2PM's new album when Park Jaebeom returns." On the back it says, "I ♡ Jaebeom."

The bank books were made and sent by 2PM and 2AM fans, as well as international fans.

They picked this strategy as their boycott plan because the gesture shows JYPE the importance of Jaebeom and that the fans are serious about supporting 2PM upon Jaebeom's return.

If you add up all the "money" in the bank books, there is a total of $68,000! It's definitely a clever gesture from the Hottests.

Details of Jaebeom’s Return?

Over a month ago, ex-2PM leader Jay Park (Jaebeom) upped and left Korea after a MySpace scandal hit, and returned to his hometown of Seattle in the States. But is leaving that easy? Now that the fans and the scandal's aftermath has died down a bit, we're hit with the thing everyone failed to think about: the fine print.

Jaebeom, who auditioned for JYP in 2004 has been a member for five years, but his contract is signed for seven years. So what does this mean for the former star, is he going to have to return? There seems to be no other option; after all, it wouldn't hurt JYPE in any way to bring him back. In fact, the return of the loved Leadja would stop all the Hottest boycotts and more importantly for JYPE, boost sales. So it is possible that Jaebeom will be forced to return to avoid troublesome lawsuits.

Although he is not exiled from the country, many say the situation is very delicate right now and that his return might be impossible for the time being. So what time will Jaebeom return? An official gave his insight on the situation, stating, "Because of his contract with JYP, the chances of his return are high but it's all about the timing."

The JYP audition tour will be heading for Seattle on November 7 and people speculate that JY Park will be at the event and most likely meet with Jaebeom.

Source: Newsen+shockimpulse

Rain’s dance cover of MBLAQ’s “Oh Yeah”

As one of the best dancers in K-Pop, Rain has released a dance cover to Oh Yeah by MBLAQ, his self-produced boy group.

The newly debuted group has been taking k-pop by storm with their hot single and of course their producer, Rain, showed them how it's done.

Before MBLAQ's debut, Rain performed the dance routine himself and wow, he really is amazing. Not to mention, his ab flash is full of win.

Check out Rain busting some moves!

video: AznSamManMV

sorry for this but.................

hurhur.. He does Joon's part by the way.. haha..

Jo Kwon Diagnosed With Swine Flu

First was SS501's Kim Hyun Joong, then K-Will; now, the unforgiving H1N1 has caught 2AM's Jo Kwon in its grasp.
It has been confirmed that he has swine flu, and his representative stated over a phone conversation that:
"Jo Kwon had been having severe fevers and cold symptoms since last week, so we went to the hospital to get him checked to make sure he didn't have swine flu - but the results were not as good as we'd hoped, and it has been confirmed that Jo Kwon has swine flu."
The representative added:
"The hospital was a bit busy and they released the results for his test a bit late, but he took Tamiflu and his health has gotten a lot better. He's in much better condition now and is currently resting. The other 2AM members are being tested for swine flu as well."
Jo Kwon did not participate in scheduled events with the group this past weekend and although his symptoms have subsided, he has decided to take a rest. In addition, Jo Kwon has been separated from the other members of the group to avoid spreading the infection.
Aw, poor Jo Kwon! We hope that he has a speedy recovery!

OM!@*&^%!gosssssssshhhhhhhhhh Jo Kwon tooo? noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ):

2AM, T-Max, FT Island, U-Kiss & Mighty Mouth Maknaes Get Their Revenge?

On SBS's new variety show program Idol Maknae Rebellion, the youngest members of various popular groups like Jinwoon of 2AM, Yunhwa of T-Max, Seunghyun of F.T. Island, Dongho of U-Kiss and Shorry J of Mighty Mouth will be teaming up to reveal their talents to the world.

Hosted by gagman Yoo Seyoon, Idol Maknae Rebellion gives idol group maknaes the opportunity to step out from the shadow of their group leaders and unleash their talents for the world to see. Furthermore, this variety show also trains its guests in various fields so that they will have skills to show in a variety of programs. For example, the maknaes' first mission was to sing like famous ballad singer Jo Sung Mo. Talk about high expectations!

cr. tmaxlover2

One of the staff members of this program expressed, "This is the first time that maknaes can receive this type of attention outside of their groups. They clearly put in their full efforts in the filming. Our producers launched Idol Maknae Rebellion with the goal of making these guests the #1 most sought after guests in their future program activities."

Although these boys seem to be buffing up to expand their popularity, I think the kpop scenes loves maknae members already. Regardless, it's great to see love for the male maknaes after all of the new friendships we've seen bloom between girl groups both new and old.

Idol Maknae Rebellion is set to air on November 7 at 10PM KST. With such a unique premise, I'm sure many fans can't help but be excited to see these boys have their own time in the spotlight. Plus, getting to see your favorite idols in army gear definitely scores some brownie points!

cr: lawlietta@allkpop+weheartkpop.blogspot

Big Bang’s “Let Me Hear Your Voice” released + MV

What an eventful evening full of surprises! Big Bang made their highly anticipated five-member return with the release of Let Me Hear Your Voicejust half an hour ago, and as dazed & delighted fans got adjusted to the new ear candy, YG Entertainment dropped another huge gift in our laps right after - a music video!

While the Brown Eyed Girls spooked us up in time for Halloween with their Sign teaser, Big Bang opted for the Christmas look instead. Well, not really, but once you watch the video, you'll get what I mean... with all the white ornaments & glittery lights, it reminds me of one of those winter wonderland festivals.

"Let Me Hear Your Voice" will be the opening song for the Japanese drama Ohitorisama.


cr. TheYGMusic

TV Commercial:

Gotta love seeing these boys together on the big screen again; who's with me?

Make sure to check out our friends at BBVIP, Big Bang's top international fan forum! Much love to jenpooable for the tip.

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Behind the Scenes of BEAST’s Bad Girl MV set

Rookie sensation BEAST/B2ST has just released the behind the scenes video for their Bad Girl music video.

In the BTS you will see how hard they worked to film the music video and by hard work I mean ripping their pants. It's been reported that a total of 8 pairs of pants were ripped! Oh, I know you ladies are going to love that!

Anyway, check it out:



aww the qin shous are so cute.. hahahaha... from the vid we can see the close relationship btwn Doo Joon (leader) and Yoseob too ((:  (in the start of the vid we see Doo Joon feeding Yoseob.. aigooo.... cute tah~)

Jaebeom’s Reappearance on TV Causes Stir

After a month of silence from Jaebeom and JYP Entertainment, Hottests, kpop fans and seemingly the rest of the world has been holding its breath in anticipation, waiting for JYP Entertainment's next move. And finally the gears are starting to turn again.

Since last Wednesday (October 21), many readers have been abuzz with 6-member 2PM's new endorsement, rumors of Jaebeom's return, the new Infinity Challenge episode taped with Jaebeom before the MySpace controversy, and of course, the highly anticipated Into Sunday Night news segment revealing Jaebeom in Seattle after he bowed out of his group.

Although many were relieved to see their beloved 2PM member again, numerous viewers were perturbed with the relentless filming that arguably invaded Jaebeom's privacy, especially since Jaebeom seemed to have been unaware of the filming until it was too late. As the episode revealed, the producers actually flew to Seattle and found his house, not by scheduling a meeting with Jaebeom, but by asking passerbys, shop owners and other locals for his address. Their chase didn't end there - the show also interviewed Jaebeom's father and brother, then finally found the man in question himself at a breakdancing event. Many Hottests and netizens were upset that the producers never asked for, let alone received, permission to invade his personal life, home, family and everyday life.

On the discussion board on the KBS website, netizens have written over 2000 posts criticizing the producers, calling for an apology from KBS and an end to Into Sunday Night. Looks like even netizens have their limits about the extremities, aggression and ethics of stalking celebrities.

Furthermore, JYP Entertainment also came forward with a statement regarding the reaction that various companies have taken to Jaebeom's departure, including this TV segment and certain stores that have marketed off the controversy. "Jaebeom is taking time to rethink his past acts," a representative stated. "We understand why people are so curious about him; however, we wish that people would take a step back and give him time. Please stop invading Jaebeom's personal life."

JYP Entertainment also responded to a MNet producer's allusion to Jaebeom's possible return on MAMA, simply stating, "He could come... he could also not come," leaving many fans and netizens disappointed by the false hopes in their hearts by the producer's suggestive words.

Although JYPE has come out with such statements against publicizing Jaebeom's situation, it is doubtful that the hot reaction will die down soon. Regardless, a representative stated, "We believe that Jaebeom and his family will only feel more pain with this invasion into his personal life. If such events continue, we ourselves will step in to stop such intrusions."

Though it's completely understandable and admirable to see many people going out of their way to advocate their LeadJa's return to a 7-member 2PM, Jaebeom's well-being lies at the heart of this entire issue. Hopefully the hype will die down soon, and we wish Jaebeom, his family, the rest of 2PM and JYP Entertainment the best of luck in this difficult situation.

Source: Hankooki

2PM’s Taecyeon Needs Jaebeom?

With all of the controversies that have arisen in the past few months, it's become clear that netizens are a group of people unrivaled by others - from their prowess in stalking research to the critical influence of netizens en masse, I think many can agree that netizens are truly their own kind. On October 23, 2PM's Taecyeon updated his CyWorld asking commenters to keep their language clean, but eagle-eyed netizens have deciphered a... hidden message?

On first glance, this message may look innocent enough; translated to English, Taecyeon's message roughly reads as, "My mother comes in and out of my CyWorld...there's no need to curse on here is there?"

So what's so weird about this note? As Korean readers may notice, Taecyeon's syntax choice (the order of the words) is awkward ("CY that even my mother comes in and out"), which caused KHottests to take a closer look at this message, and they found something puzzling...

"나는 제이 필요. I need Jay."

As some KHottests argue, if Taecyeon simply wanted to leave a warning about language censorship, he wouldn't have written the sentence in such a strange & grammatically-awkward manner, and would've opted for something along the lines of, "우리 어머니도 싸이 보시는데. 욕은 삼가해주세요 (My mother checks my CyWorld, please refrain from cussing)", which is far more direct.

What a cryptic mystery... so what do you think, are netizens making a mountain out of a molehill or are they up to something?

Much love to Miss S & 2PM/2AM's #1 international fan forum 2ONEDAY for the heads-up!

this is interesting... if it be truly an encrypted message, foremost, Taecyeon, so clever! (:
Secondly, i think we really need Jay to come back... Its not like its a grave mistake he made, tho evidently it caused him his career.. and the fact that Jay's clips were aired, unedited, i think even the media is on Jay's side, perhaps out to exploit it a little, but definitely on Jay's side... we need Jay back.. but i wonder, how... he would need a proper comeback solution doesnt he? I cant wait for that day to come.. Jay must come back (:

aja aja fight Jaeboem~

Jo Kwon gets his first kiss?

Not quite, but he almost did!

Jo Kwon has admitted to the public many times before that he's never dated or kissed anybody. With Jo Kwon's outgoing personality, it's hard to believe he's never gotten close to a girl but you better believe it.

When Jo Kwon was on Chat with Beauties today, he admitted once again that's he's never kissed anyone and everyone thought he was lying. Then the MC told one of the girls, Bianca to show Jo Kwon what a kiss is like.

The two get up in front of everybody and get over the awkwardness. Shortly after, Bianca furiously grabs Jo Kwon in for a kiss and just before it was about to happen she pulls back. She probably didn't want to stop there but I think she knew she was on national television.

Jo Kwon commented afterwards, "Now that I've looked at Bianca up close, I like her!" Although the kiss didn't happen, there's still Ga-In!

Check out Bianca trying to steal Jo Kwon's first kiss!

WHAHAHAH Jo Kwon so cute~ hahahaha..


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Mnet unveils MAMA – Full nominee list revealed!

 From 2009, Mnet annual music event MKMF will be changed to Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA).
A live program took place on 23rd October in Seoul Tower and the idea of the new music awards ceremony was revealed. Previously on 16th October, the note “This year there will be no MKMF’ was posted on Mnet’s official homepage, the change of the music ceremony was to give it a new transformation as mentioned by Mnet.
Go under the cut for the nominee list and more details!

About MAMA

  • Event: 2009 MAMA
  • Date: 21st November
  • Time: 7pm
  • Place: Seoul Jamsil Stadium
  • Airing: Via Channel V and will be broadcasted simultaneously in Japan, China, HongKong, Thailand, and other SEA countries.
  • Specialty: Participation by overseas artistes


  • 29 Total categories
  • Singer category: 7
  • Genre category: 7
  • MV category: 2
  • Criteria: Album sales and album charts from 15th October 2008 till 22nd October 2009

Nominee List for 2009 MAMA:

  • Newcomer (Male) – BEAST, Supreme Team, MBLAQ, ChungRim, TaeGoon
  • Newcomer (Female) - 2NE1, After School, T-ara, 4Minute, f(x)
  • Male singer – Drunken Tiger, Rain, Lee Seung Chul, GDragon, MC Mong
  • Female singer – Bada, Baek Ji Young, Son DamBi, YoonHa, ChaeYeon
  • Male Group – 2PM, Big Bang, Super Junior, SG Wannabe, SS501
  • Female Group - Davichi, Brown Eyed Girls, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Jewelry, KARA
  • Mixed Group – Roo’Ra, 8eight, Koyote, Cool, Clazziquai
  • Rock Music Award – BuHwal (생각이나), Seo Taiji (Juliet), Jang GiHa and the Faces (Living with no special things), Cherry Filter (Pianissimo), FT Island (I Hope)
  • Hip hop group award – Dynamic Duo (Dead Guy), Drunken Tiger (Monster), LeeSsang (헤어지지 못하는 여자, 떠나가지 못하는 남자), Outsider (Alone), Epik High (Wannabe)
  • Ballad/R&B music award – Kim Jong Kook (Today More Than Yesterday), Kim TaeWoo (Love Rain), Bobby Kim (Love, the guy), Park Hyo Shin (After Love), Baek Ji Young (Like being Hit)
  • Dance music award – 2NE1 (I Don’t Care), 2PM (Again & Again), So Nyeo Shi Dae (Gee), Super Junior (Sorry), KARA (Honey)
  • House& Electronic music award – Brown Eyed Girls (Abracadabra), Son DamBi (Saturday Night), Clazziquai (Love Again), 4Minute (Muzik), GDragon (Heartbreaker)
  • Trot Music Award - Gyeon Miri (Happy Woman), Park Hyun Bin (Brilliant Life), Seong JinYoo (딱이야), Joo HyunMi and SeoHyun (JjaRaJaJjan), Hong JinYeong (Love’s Battery)
  • O.S.T Award – Baek Ji Young (Don’t Forget – IRIS), Lee Seung Chul (No more love like this – Blue Love Story), T-Max (Paradize – Boys Over Flowers), Tiffany (I’m Along – JaMyungGo), SS501 (Because I’m Stupid – Boys Over Flowers)
  • Best MV – 2NE1 (Fire), LeeSsang (헤어지지 못하는 여자, 떠나가지 못하는 남자), Bada (Mad), Seo Taiji (Juliet), D.N.G (Step 2 Me)
  • MV Director - Seo HyunSeung, Jang JaeHyuk, Jo SooHyun, Joo HeeSeon, Hong WonKi
  • Nominees: 35
  • Song awards: 30


Voting: To be opened from 9pm on 23rd October on Mnet official homepage:

Visit Mnet to vote now!

 cr:sookyeong.wordpress +welovess501.blogspot+weheartkpop.blogspot

BEAST gets in a car accident!

 Rookie group BEAST got in a car accident today. Though they were involved in a car crash, the boys weren't hurt in anyway.

Because they are not injured, they will still perform on Inkigayo tomorrow with no problem.

The accident occurred during the day on the Seoul Han-Nam Bridge after they were coming back from Music Core and driving to their dance rehearsal location. Cube Entertainment described the tiny accident. "The car in front wasn't looking back and it was switching lanes without noticing that BEAST's car was right behind. It was a small accident where the two cars bumped into each other."

BEAST's representatives continued to say, "The members were surprised but no one was hurt."

After the accident, they got in another car and made their way to their practice room. Good to know the boys are safe, they can't back out of their battle with MBLAQ this easy.


SHINee’s Taemin reveals his ideal type

SHINee Taemin revealed his ideal girl on today's episode of Star Golden Bell.

All members of SHINee came on to talk about their new album as well as other secrets they've been hiding under their blankets.

It was surprising to see the youngest of the five reveal his ideal type but also nice to see Taemin confess like a real man.

The chosen girl was not a fellow idol, a Korean top actress or someone Korean at all!

It was none other Harry's Hermione, Emma Watson.

The MC's told 16-year-old maknae Taemin to send a video message to Emma Watson. Taemin said, "I'm always watching Harry Potter. I really like you. I love you."

I'm sure the fan girls were jealous of the worldwide known actress.

On the same episode, member Key revealed Taemin is really gullible. Key said, "Once we went to a cafe and there was a vibrating sound that came on when your order was ready. He asked me what it was so I lied to him by saying that if you didn't pick up your order fast enough the vibrating sound would explode. And he believed me.

Onew also confessed that he was kissed by comedian Jung Ju Ri. While doing a comedy skit, Jung Ju Ri kissed Onew unexpectedly.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

MBLAQ’s Pre-Debut Photos

Rain's new boy band, MBLAQ, has been causing a stir as they've captured the attention of many and climbed their way up the charts with their debut single, "Oh Yeah". The five-member group has been nicknamed "Chic-doll", meaning "handsome idol", but were they always this good looking? If you think that this question remains a mystery, think again. We all know we have the netizens to do all the dirty work for us!

Usually when pre-debut pictures surface, they either make you nod and think "She looks exactly the same!" or, you shake your head and go, "What the hell? That looks nothing like him! He must've gotten surgery!" Unfortunately, or fortunately, the fellas of MBLAQ don't really have interesting pre-debut pictures - no one had a dramatic weight loss, obvious surgery, or scandalous photos.

Check out the boys of MBLAQ before they had you singing "oh yeah" all day long:

Leader Yang Seung Ho looks pretty much the same despite the hairdo.

Lee Joon's ab-flashing has gotten many fangirls going wild, but his school pictures show that he was just an average old boy before. Well, if you count modeling and starring in an upcoming Hollywood film, Ninja Assassin, before debuting in an idol group average.

Lead vocalist, Jung Byung Hee a.k.a. G.O was actually in the band TYKEYS before debuting with MBLAQ. TYKEYS was a trio consisting of two males and a female - all three who had some serious vocal skills. Check out G.O below during his pre-MBLAQ days, although the guy looks almost exactly the same.

Most of you guys probably have seen Cheon Doong or Thunder in IU's covers of hit songs. Those hardworking netizens also found screencaps of a younger Thunder with his sister, 2NE1's Sandara Park, when she was a part of KBS' "Human Theater – My Name is Sandara Park".

Lastly is Bang Chulyong or MBLAQ's Mir. We previously posted pictures of him and his famous sister, Go Eun Ah (real name: Bang Hyojin), and it seems like there are plenty of pre-debut pictures of this rapper. Many netizens have noted that Mir has a striking resemblance to F.T. Island's Hong Ki and after looking at his selca pictures, I won't deny it. However, his other pictures are...interesting, which makes me wonder - did Mir voluntary take these photos or did his sister force him to? Oh, and yes, that's Mir in the blue dress and a wig.

Although the members of MBLAQ appear to have always been good looking, do remember that in some cases, such as Taecyeon of 2PM, that isn't always the case. So, in the future when you're sitting next to a nerd or a socially awkward person in class, remember, one day they might just grow up to be in an idol group. After all, a brand new hairstyle, wardrobe, and make-up does wonders.

Credit to Absolute MBLAQ for the photos.+straightfallin@allkpop+weheartkpop.blogspot

6-Member 2PM Films New CF

Despite the controversy regarding Jaebeom's departure and the enormous fan movement that followed, 2PM has taken at least one step toward the old days - it was recently confirmed that the remaining six members have a contract to endorse with "Company A" (full name remained undisclosed), and have already completed filming for a CF.

As expected, a number of Hottests have left messages on the company's website stating that they will boycott all products from Company A until the advertisements are canceled. Furthermore, numerous 2PM fans will continue their stance of boycotting all 6-member 2PM activities without Jaebeom.

A representative of Company A admitted, "Filming for the CF was recently completed, but we have not determined future plans yet." Because of the sensitivity of the situation, Company A has remained silent on the future of this contract; in fact, it's difficult for the company to make any decisions due to the persistent threats of fans in Korea and support from not only Hottests, but other businesses in the country as well.

"This is a great opportunity for us," a JYPE representative from the public relations department expressed, "but in the situation we're currently in, we don't know what to do."

Though these Hottests' moves may seem drastic, many have taken the stance that crippling JYPE to a certain degree is necessary to make a point. However, the boycott has also received criticism from other fans that believe that supporting the remaining six is the best action to take. What do you think, are these Hottests finally having their voice seriously heard & considered, or are they going too far?



truth be told, as much as i believe the other members want Jay back, i think this whole thing is putting a strain on their career as well.. I believe Jay wouldnt want his buddies to suffer.. gahhh.. what dilemma...

stupid antifan who started all this sh*t. TSK

Photo of Intoxicated Kangin Stirs Up Netizens

After a long-winded assault case & hit-and-run controversy, Super Junior's Kangin's time in the limelight seemed to be coming to a close after SM Entertainment semi-resolved the issue with an activity ban for the rest of the year. However, since this Sunday (October 18), a photo that captures a drunken Kangin with a woman was discovered on someone's minihompy and has circulated various websites, garnering much attention

 To make matters worse, the woman who posted the photo on her minihompy had a few words to say about Kangin. "I was lucky [to meet him]~ He's fun, interesting, well-spoken ... drinks well ... [and] is handsome, but he needs to improve his language [and stop swearing]. -_-"

Despite netizens' attempts to figure out the time frame in which this photo was taken, the exact date is unclear since it's gone through so many edits. Many believe that the photo was from over a year ago, judging from his build. The woman who posted the photo has received much flack for posting the image to the public during such a sensitive time; some netizens even went so far as to dig up her personal information and attack her.

In addition, this only served to fuel many netizens' disappointment in Kangin's tainted idol image. "He's an idol and his career is based on his image; why would he take such a photo? ... how can he recover from this?"

Other netizens defended Kangin, arguing, "[Kangin] just got a drink at a bar with a woman. What's wrong with that?" After all, Kangin is of legal drinking age.

Hopefully the hot reaction will cool down soon; even if fans & nonfans debate over this sensitive topic, their arguments & anger won't lead anywhere in the end.

Source: +lawlietta@allkpop+weheartkpop.blogspot

Wonder Girls Becomes 1st Korean Group on U.S. “Top 40″ Rotation

Idol group the Wonder Girls may be working its magic in the United States, becoming the first Korean group to enter the rotation playlists of some of the top 40 American radio stations, according to their agency on Tuesday.

“Of the 167 ‘Top40 Radio Stations’ located throughout major U.S. cities, their U.S. debut single ‘Nobody’ has entered the rotation playlists of 18 stations,” said JYP Entertainment. A song which goes on the rotation list will play at least once or twice a week for a month.

JYP also said that according to an airplay analysis chart by music website Mediabase, ‘Nobody’ was played over 65 times by radio stations between October 12 to 18 to increase the group’s airplay ranking by 16 spots from the previous week to No. 107.

“From what we’ve seen so far, we expect to see them enter more rotation playlists and their airplay ranking to increase,” JYP explained.

The popular five-member group released their first U.S. digital single in late June and performed the opening acts for all 53 shows of the Jonas Brothers’ U.S. tour. ‘Nobody’ is the English version of the song originally released in Korea which was a hit throughout several countries Asia.

shared by: ♥ KPOP JJANG 짱,

I cannot believe this is WG's FIRST tag.

Child of Empire continues wingcar performances

Dubbed as the "Gain 100,000 fans" boy group, Child of Empire held another wingcar performance in Daegu last night to help raise money for their financially troubled company, Star Empire. They performed songs from their upcoming album and the show lasted for about an hour. A special guest appearance by Poppin Hyun Joon set the tone of the night as he helped heat things up for the fans that gathered to show their support.

Check out the photos from the wingcar performance:

Child of Empire is set to make their official debut at the end of November and will continue their wingcar performances in Masan on the 22nd and in Changwon on the 23rd.


[Endorsement] Big Bang Endorses NII & Lotte

From G-Dragon's promotions that are wrapping up to Taeyang who's just warming up, Big Bang's been pretty busy on their individual activities. In 2008, we saw hits like Haru Haru and Sunset Glow, but the group as a whole has been relatively MIA this year. Luckily, the boys are back together for some fresh new group photos for us!

Recently, the group completed a photoshoot to endorse NII's winter collection; furthermore, 2009 Lotte Duty Free promotional photos were also released featuring the five bangin' boys. So why not hit two birds with one stone and provide you readers with a double dose of Big Bang eye candy?

NII (winter collection)


cr. ㄱ占 @ DCTOP, yg_bigbang @ lj+lawlietta@allkpop+weheartkpop.blogspot