Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Super Junior’s Leeteuk shares his love story

On this week's episode of Strong Heart, the guest-starring celebrities shared a few love stories and some heartbreaking tales. Super Junior's Leeteuk shared some of this as well.

He started, "My love story... That reminds me of a time, around 3 years ago, when I was really heartbroken. After I debuted, I needed to be extra responsible since I'm the leader. I even had to check my own feelings and get it approved before I could fall in love. But one day, around three years ago, I saw a woman passing by while I was heading off to complete the things on my schedule, and she literally shining. That was the first time I thought, 'Wow, so a person can fall in love at first sight, after all!' "

He continued, "Since it might've been awkward because I was on my way to work, I asked Shindong to get her contact information for me, and I told her, 'I'm Leeteuk. I like you so much that I think I may be in love with you. I'd really like for us to meet and talk,' and she responded by saying, 'It's a little awkward since you're an idol and all.' However, in order to win her heart, I did a lot of things like driving the 25,000 kilogram Super Junior schedule car and burning her CDs with songs I liked, and hoped she would like them as well. I parked the SuJu car in a park and played Kim Hye Rim's DDD, and she told me that my musical taste was similar to hers. She then told me that she was thirsty and I went to the convenience store to buy her a bottle of cola and a bottle of cider (a Korean drink similar to Sprite). I guess she felt my love, since she thanked me.

He went on, "I told her, 'I don't tell just anyone that I like them. I truly want to meet you,' and we started a relationship. However, I couldn't get in contact with her for a while, until a week later when she told me, 'Jung Soo (Leeteuk's real name)-shi, I really want to watch a movie.' It was really risky for me to do that with her in broad daylight since articles might be published about us, but I didn't care and went with her anyway. I was thinking of even giving up my career as an idol if she had asked me to get married with her. When I was at the theater, people around me said things like, 'Isn't that Leeteuk?' But I didn't care and linked arms with her and everything. I was even thinking of dating her publicly - that's how much I liked her. However, I happened to see her cellphone and the person calling her was another famous celebrity. I pretended not to see and left her to take the call since she looked uncomfortable. Then one day I brought her home in a used car, but there was a brand new foreign-brand luxury car in front of her house waiting for her. I found out much later that I had been two-timed. My life after that incident felt like hell. She didn't call or text me after that incident nor could I meet her. I tried to call her several times, but she wouldn't pick up the phone and I fell into a 6-month slump."

However, after sharing this sad tale, he smiled and said, "But after telling this story and getting it off my chest, I feel so much better. I have no bitter feelings anymore, and I'm ready for a new relationship. And to the girl who broke my heart, thank you for an experience of love at first sight - it was amazing. I wish you much happiness."

Aw, poor Leeteuk - who could be this foolish and hideously cruel girl who turned down her chance for a once-in-a-lifetime Korean drama story? At any rate, I give Leeteuk lots of props for his forgiving nature, and wish him much luck in his next relationship; let's just hope that the next girl will be a lot more sane kind and loving than this one was.


Wheesung & Lee Joon (MBLAQ) diagnosed with swine flu

I've combined both articles here.. goshh.. i think the swine flu virus isnt going to stop unless these promotional activities come to a halt, seems like they caught the flu from each other during these performances and all.. goshh...

After feeling ill on the 21st, singer Wheesung went to a hospital and on the 23rd he was diagnosed with swine flu. However he was treated with Tamiflu and is reported to be recovering well. If you recall, he was also the only person that K.Will kept in touch with when he himself had the virus.

A representative from POP/UP Entertainment said:

"After receiving the Tamiflu treatment, his fever went down almost immediately and he's almost at a state of full recovery. Today we plan to revisit the hospital and check up on his status."

It's good to hear that he's quickly recovering but unfortunately this meant that he was not able to attend the showcase, "Fill Korea, K-POP Night" in Shanghai, China. Many fans may be disappointed but on a brighter note, it has been reported that he will be appearing on the November 26th episode of Music Bank.


Swine flu is back again, and this time, it's MBLAQ's resident vocalist, Lee Joon.

On the 25th, a representative of JTune Entertainment stated:

"Lee Joon was declared positive for H1N1 and got hospitalized today. He was prescribed Tamiflu and is currently undergoing treatment. Other members also have symptoms of the cold, so they have received examinations today as well. The results will be available two days from now."

MBLAQ will temporarily continue their activities as a four member group - of course, that's only if the other members don't have the virus. However, their performance on KBS Music Bank scheduled to air on the 26th has been canceled.

Unfortunately Lee Joon will remain hospitalized when Ninja Assassin hits theaters on November 25th.

We all wish you a fast recovery, Joon.


The reason for BEAST leader Doojoon’s absence

After mysteriously disappearing out of sight from his fellow BEAST members on numerous stages including the 2009 MAMA, Doojoon stirred up netizens and fans in a debate over the reason why. Some had assumed he had withdrawn from activities due to an injury, while some believed he had officially quit the group. Don't worry, none of those rumors are true - Doojoon was actually volunteering in Africa, digging wells for the villagers. What an angel! I swear, the Cube Entertainment artists, 4minute and BEAST are just absolutely amazing!

Anyway, it turns out Doojoon was actually cast in MBC's Sunday Sunday Night's new show, Danbi (Acronym for Only One Secret in Korean). The show will focus on helping out people in need around the country and occasionally overseas.

A representative stated:

"Yoon Doojoon traveled to Zambia, Africa with actress Han Ji Min and helped to dig wells [to provide fresh water]. The top-secret filming did not allow the managers as well as the family members to attend. Everything will be revealed on our showcase opening on the 25th."

It seems like Yoon Doojoon will now be stretching into variety shows. Can't wait to see you sweat with your shovel!


things im thankful for:
1. He wasnt injured or anything
2. He is staying IN the group
3. He is SO MAN~ ((: (though he went africa only cos of the program, but still!)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jung Yong Hwa and Kim Hyun Joong unite to catch… boars?

Fangirls of Jihoo sunbae and Shinwoo oppa, rejoice! Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 and Jung Yong Hwa of You're Beautiful are set to be part of a new corner in MBC's Sunday Sunday Night, set to include five other cast members. The new corner is called Hunters and the members will catch boars because of the harm they can cause on people and crops.

Kim Yong Hee PD continued, "There are 170,000 boars in Korea and if we don't catch them soon, we could be in danger. Even environmentalists are agreeing with us. I hope we can accomplish this in our program."

People are looking forward to this show because of the stellar cast. However, many are wondering whether or not this could help Sunday Sunday Night's low ratings.

To finish it off, Kim PD said, "We could not even ask for Yoo Jae Suk, Kang Ho Dong, or Lee Kyung Gyu. I bet they would be willing to do the program it's just they have a program on at the same time this would air so we couldn't even bother to ask them."

cr: heartfacee@allkpop

Joon was a wig model!

MBLAQ has been rising in fame as a new rookie group, having already gained a tremendous amount of fans. Of course, the fans can be great when it comes down to showing their love and support, but they can sometimes be the biggest antis by digging up the embarrassing pasts of these celebrities. Several pictures have recently been surfaced on the net that netizens claim to be MBLAQ's G.O. and Joon before their debut - unlike the other "past" photos circulating over the net, they still look hot as ever. Although there is no direct evidence these boys in the pictures are the idol boys themselves, the undeniable resemblance can really show that they are the might MBLAQs indeed. Let's take a look at how these young men looked back then.


It seems like the group's resident vocalist's talent in singing comes natural. Even during his past, he was always on the stage with a mic in his hand!

In contrary to G.O.'s childhood revolving mostly around performing on stages, Joon seems like he took an advantage of his good looks and worked as a model for an online wig store. Talk about an eye-candy for the female shoppers!


No year-end awards from MBC, SBS or KBS this year

 After watching MAMA light on fire with controversies left and right, KBS, MBC and SBS have collectively decided to take the safer route - all three companies have confirmed that they will continue holding year-end music festivals instead of award ceremonies this December.

All three companies used to host award festivals at the end of the year until 2006. KBS, formerly known as KBC, held an annual music award event in 1984, but discontinued it in 2005. MBC previously hosted the award-driven Teen Singer Music Festival until three years ago. SBS, which had a similar award system until 2008, switched to the simple performance-based year-end festival format as well.

Personally, the gayo daejun events are my favorite ones of the year, and I'm sure many fans are looking forward to scandal-free festivals to wrap up 2009. Maybe Mnet should take a page from these three companies' books and grab headlines with exciting stages instead of controversial awards, hm?


Dongho of U-Kiss in ER

It has been revealed late that Dongho of U-Kiss was rushed to the emergency room last weekend.

During the filming of KBS 2TV Invincible Baseball, which was held on the 20th - 22nd, Dongho participated in a baseball match with the other cast members of the show in Jeju Island.

All was going well until Dongho returned to the dormitory after the first baseball game on the 21st, complaining of stomach pains. He was rushed to the emergency room on the 22nd and immediately received an IV injection.

A representative from his agency said, "Dongho must have felt pressured about the match ... He had enteritis."

For those of you who are wondering what in the world an enteritis is, it is the inflammation of the small intestine, usually caused by eating or drinking substances that are contaminated with bacteria or viruses (thank you, Wikipedia).

Although the U-Kiss member was absent from the filming for Invincible Baseball on the 22nd, he is feeling much better now and his regular activities will resume as planned. In a recent encounter with some reporters, Dongho even reassured them with a bright smile, "I am fine now."

Check out a short clip of Dongho on Invincible Baseball before he was admitted to the hospital.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Rainbow releases EP

The first album for DSP Media’s new 7-member girlgroup Rainbow has been revealed.
The album consists of 5 tracks including their title song ‘Gossip Girl’.

Release Date: 2009/11/12
Genre: Pop / Dance
Language: Korean
(MF Downloads)

  1. Not Your Girl
  2. Gossip Girl
  3. I Believe
  4. Kiss
  5. 참아볼께요 

Kim Jae Gyung – Leader (21) (SS501 Song For You RMX – MV)
Oh Semi (21)
Min Ji Hye (20)
Lee Joo Bin (20) (SS501 Song For You RMX – MV)
Noel (20)
Jung Yoon Hye (19)
Jang Ji Soo – Magnae (18)



Official MV

I cant help but think, the girls are ALL SO SKINNY! quite unhealthy looking in my opinion, but hey, the songs in this EP are not too bad! 

091111 Golden Fishery JYP & Wonder Girls - Jaebum cut eng

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rainbow releases 'Gossip Girl' MV

The colorful girls of Rainbow gave us all an eyeful of themselves with the release of their teaser just a few days ago, but now the teasing ceases and hotness ensues as these ladies have finally released the MV for their debut track!

Their title track Gossip Girl is a pop-tastic dance track with a sprinkle of Engrish and the MV is loaded with various close-ups of seven very pretty ladies. It's quite a feast for the eyes and the ears, perhaps enough to keep one's attention throughout this influx of girl groups. Their gorgeous looks, catchy moves and addicting sound, plus the lucky count of seven members just might help these girls successfully claim the prestigious title of the second Fin.K.L.

source DSP + weheartkpop


Monday, November 9, 2009

MBLAQ and BEAST are homies

Although rookie groups MBLAQ and BEAST have been compared to one another a number of times, even on various allkpop articles, there is hardly a rivalry between the two.

Video clips of Mir dancing to BEAST's Bad Girl and Yo Seob dancing to MBLAQ's Oh Yeah have been floating around online, gaining much interest from fans of both parties. While one group was practicing their song on Music Bank, the other was watching the rehearsals behind cameras. Unable to suppress their instinctive impulse to dance, the two members busted out in an imitation of each others choreography.


If the video clips didn't suffice as ample evidence of MBLAQ and BEAST's growing friendship, perhaps the following pictures and gifs will sway your opinion. In particular, Mir and Dong Woon, who are the maknaes of their respective groups, seem to be very close.

cr: BEASTmode@allkpop

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

DSP denies boycotting MAMA

There were rumours circulating this morning about DSP Media artistes, SS501 and Kara, boycotting the upcoming MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards).

But that has been shot down by DSP immediately.

DSP Media said, "SS501 released their album very late so they are not nominated and it makes sense. We did not say that they are boycotting."

When asked about Kara's appearance at MAMA, DSP said, "We haven't decided if Kara will attend yet, but we are currently in discussions over it."

What would K-Pop be like without SM, the trot singers and DSP? Though the boycotting news is disappointing, we still have some artistes to look forward to on 21st November. The Korean media are really trying to stir up unnecessary trouble.


this is a problem for the kpop industry.. so drama! Korea, indeed the land of all drama~

“1:59PM” to have plans for China

With the release of their song "Tired of Waiting" from their upcoming album, 2PM will be entering the Chinese market without Jaebeom...for now.

They will be participating in the 2009 Hanryu Showcase (Korea-China Music Festival) to have an opportunity to meet their Chinese fans. This will be 2PM's first stage in China. Other hot singers such as 2AM, Super Junior, and 4Minute will be at the festival as well.

A representative from JYP Entertainment stated "Since the day 2PM had debuted, there have been offers to promote in China. This festival sponsored by the government seems to be the first step towards that."

This will also be their first stage overseas after their leader's departure, so many fans in China have great interest in the upcoming performance.

2PM will slowly work on the Chinese music industry by performing in different events and with promotions from their 1st Full Album. They will also be alongside the Wonder Girls, as the 5 girls will be having a concert in Shanghai on December 1st.

Visit 2ONEDAY for further information about 2PM.

Thanks to Yasahisa for the tip!


i like the title 1:59PM.. (:
Jaeboem ssi, bogoshipda~

DSP Media reveals new girl group Rainbow

Last month, rookie male groups MBLAQ and BEAST attempted to take back the kpop scene for the guys, but it looks like the girls are back again - new gal group Rainbow is here to color up the kpop world!

Rumors of this group have been brewing for many months now. Just moments ago, DSP Media, the agency behind SS501, KARA and Fink.L, confirmed the suspicions and revealed the new girl group to the Korean public.

"After four long years of training, these girls have developed the best vocal and dance skills around," a DSP representative revealed. "They were affectionately called 'rainbow' in their training days, a nickname that has gained popularity. We chose this word as the group's name because each girl has a different charm. Furthermore, this name has more meaning because it was generated by fans."

Akin to the promises they made when KARA debuted, DSP is already comparing Rainbow to Fin.K.L, stating, "The members of Rainbow were picked so that their physical appearances wouldn't be inferior to Fin.K.L"

As the teaser image suggests, the girls will already be coming out with an album upon their debut titled Gossip Girl.

As a bonus, here are some pre-debut selcas from the members...


Recently in the SBS Music High radio hosted by HyungJun(Maknae of SS501) where the other 4 members of SS501 were guests promoting their latest Rebirth mini album, they have already mentioned the debuting of this group 'Rainbow', and they apparently had all praises (: (but of cos huh.. haha) will anticipate this friday! (:

The Baddest Female Learning How to Ride a Bike?

The one and only baddest female, aka 2NE1's leader CL is learning to ride a bike!

Sandara Park updated her me2DAY with this picture and a post:
"Today is the day CL learns to ride a bike!! It would be better if she could learn from a boyfriend but she'll have to wait 5 years ㅋ Just follow my lead^^ Now she can ride great ㅋ Jealous of my new bike ㅋㅋ But it was so cold I thought I would freeze to death!! ㅠㅋ"
 Thanks to BGSS2_maknae for the tip and remember to visit the YG Ladies Forum.


lol~ CL so cute! hahaha..when i read 'bike' i thought she was going to learn how to ride the motorbicycle! the picture shows otherwise tho.. haha.. apparently its been raining alot in korea this few days, that explains why its getting so cold.. hahah.. cute CL~ all the best with the bicycle!!

MNET responds to MAMA boycott by SM and Inwoo

Earlier this evening, we reported that SM Entertainment had decided to boycott 2009 MAMA. MNET was swift with their response to SME's claims against them.

In a phone interview with Money Today on the 3rd, a MNET representative said:

Inwoo and SM Entertainment mentioned that the fairness in selection of candidates was questionable, but that is not true. All candidates were selected fairly through the music charts and data collected on

If we were to try and exclude artists of certain company, we wouldn't have put artists of those companies on our candidate list to begin with. Also, we would be risking our reputation and fairness if we were to change things just because major entertainment companies disagree with our system. If companies keep complaining about year end ceremonies, then such event cannot exist. The point of this ceremony is celebration by all artists who shined this year with their hard work, so I wish that artists would forget about receiving award or not and just put on an amazing show.

Regarding the fee to vote, the representative explained, "This was done to prevent fans from casting multiple votes on specific artists. It was not done for profit. We are planning on donating profit earned from the voting process back to the music industry."

The possibility of SME coming back to MAMA still looks very low. MAMA is just over ten days away.

cr: delacriox@allkpop

SHINee’s Jonghyun diagnosed with swine flu

Following SS501's Kim Hyun Joong, K.Will and 2AM's Jo Kwon, SHINee member Jonghyun has now been diagnosed with swine flu!

On the night of November 2nd, Jonghyun had symptoms of a cold so he visited the hospital to get a check up. For precautionary measures he was given Tamiflu, but on November 3rd (today), he was declared positive with swine flu.

Jonghyun is currently staying at home and resting.

Due to his health, Jonghyun will stop his activities with SHINee. SME has stated that for the time being, SHINee will promote Ring Ding Dong as a 4 member group.

We wish Jonghyun a speedy recovery.


oh myyyyyyyy even SHINee!! ))): Jonghyun, get well sooooooooooooooon! 

G-Dragon’s album no longer suitable for minors

If you were planning on visiting Korea to buy G-Dragon's first solo album in person, don't count on it. That is...if you're a minor. On the morning of November 3rd (KST), G-Dragon's solo album Heartbreaker was declared unsuitable for children or anyone under the legal age (which is 19 in Korea).

After analyzing the lyrics of G-Dragon's songs "She's Gone" and "Korean Dream" off his album, officials deemed the lyrics too inappropriate for children. According to officials, "She's Gone" has an underlying suggestive meaning of drug use, while "Korean Dream" promotes an inappropriate "dream" of Korea. The title track of the album, "Heartbreaker," was said to be an automatic no-no for the young adult community. It's funny that they don't mention the most obvious one--"Breathe." G-Dragon clearly says, "You and me hardcore, baby. Let's do it some more. I can't breathe..." which I think is more suggestive than the other three songs.

These songs will not be available on television before 10pm, and his album cannot be purchased by anyone under the age of 19. The album, after selling nearly 200,000 copies by the end of September, will soon have the "19 only" sticker on it. Distributors who fail to comply will be issued a severe punishment or a heavy fine. Koreans seem to really take censorship seriously, don't they?


this is pretty laughable, in my opinion that is......... -.-"

SM boycotts MAMA

We bring you yet more unfortunate news: artistes of SM Entertainment will not be taking part in the 2009 MAMA.

SME announced on November 3rd that their artistes including Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee and f(x) will not be attending MAMA. The reason given was that MAMA will be using a process similar to how MNET's music program M! Countdown selects its winners, and SME does not trust the method nor believe that it is fair.

This latest statement comes as SME does not trust in M! Countdown because of what happened with SNSD's massive hit Gee. While the song topped charts of other television networks for 9 weeks in a row, it failed to reach number one in M! Countdown even once. It only made the top 10, one whole month after the song's release date.

SME thus feel that MNET's method of deciding on their winners cannot be trusted.

Also, there is a MAMA-related popularity poll happening on Mnet's website at the moment. The catch is that you must be registered as a paid member of the website in order to cast a vote. SME feels that fans of SME's artistes should not be spending too much money just to cast votes for their favourite artistes and has hence asked MNET to withdraw SME's artistes from the categories for which they are nominated in MAMA.

We have previously reported that a couple of trot singers were boycotting MAMA. Will MNET be able to pull this event off successfully without participation by some of the biggest names in the industry? Stay tuned to allkpop as MAMA draws near.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Music Core Backstage

SS501 Backstage


Beast Backstage

SHINee Backstage

Mblaq Backstage

cr: (credit on picture)+weheartkpop.blogspot