Monday, December 21, 2009

SM Entertainment promises to solve dispute with Hankyung


As we keep you updated on the issue revolving around Hankyung’s disposition with SM Entertainment, we have recently found out that SME has come out with a statement consoling fans that they will talk with Hankyung regarding his request to terminate his contract.

On a phone conversation with Newsen, SME stated,

"For the sake of Super Junior, we will solve the issue at hand by talking with Hankyung personally."
Earlier today, the Chinese media was the first to report this newsbreaking story and since then, they’ve dug a bit into Hankyung’s past. They’ve revealed that Hankyung was scouted through the ‘H.O.T. China Auditions’ and was chosen out of 3,000 other auditionees. Through this, he ultimately became Korea’s first Chinese entertainer with a formal debut. And since last April of 2008, Hankyung’s existence in Super Junior M has had a great impact on SME as he helped them expand into the Chinese market.

Super Junior's Kyuhyun

A few hours ago, Super Junior member Hankyung requested to terminate his contract with SM Entertainment this evening, and it seems like the situation has spread since then - although no one is exactly sure how to interpret this message yet, fellow SuJu member Kyuhyun recently posted a mysterious update in English on his CyWorld fresh after the dispute.

Super Junior's Kyuhyun

When one clears the (adorable) graphics off of the blog post, Kyuhyun's message clearly reads,

Even a beast don't bite the hand that feeds one...

I can not understand...

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Super Junior’s Hankyung requests to terminate his contract


Looks like SM Entertainment just might lose another star... After the JaeChunSu trio turned their backs against their company in regards to their unfair contract, Hankyung (Hangeng) of Super Junior decided to follow their lead and attempt to opt out as well.

According to a related source in China, Hankyung filed a request at the Seoul Central District Court to make his contract with SM Entertainment null and void at noon on the 21st.

Hankyung, who is well-known as the only Chinese member in Super Junior, is popular amongst both the Asian youth and media. With his good reputation and talent, many speculated that the singer would go on to have a very successful solo career as well. However, rumor has it that the contract forbade Hankyung from pursuing a solo career, creating a rift that led to this contract termination request.

The press stated,
"No specific details have yet been released towards this termination request. However, it is likely the reason is because of the unfairness the contract holds in regards to Hankyung's personal development."

Currently, Hankyung's legal representative is remaining silent. However, allkpop will be sure to provide further details of this hot news.

So what do you guys think? Is Super Junior finally reaching its end, downfall after downfall? Since SM Entertainment has yet to confirm anything, I guess we'll just have to see.

Source: Yahoo Korea & Sina

Amidst all the fiasco the k-pop world is going through at the moment, allkpop was able to successfully retrieve the actual document used to file in Super Junior member Hankyung's contract termination request. This yet proves this case is indeed serious; thus we must all be concerned what's waiting for us next.


Stay tuned to allkpop as we continue to watch this controversy unfold.

Source: Sina

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Friday, December 18, 2009

SHINee’s Key to be charged for vandalism?

SHINee Key
We reported earlier that f(x) and SHINee attended the opening ceremony of SM Entertainment's music experience store, 'Everysing'.

Well, we've just discovered that Key was involved in a serious vandalism incident.

As seen in the photos, this mischievous member was so excited that he decided to sign the table instead of the frame border for his hand print wall art.

f(x) members along with the rest of the SHINee members grabbed their stomachs in laughter, as they nearly passed out from Key's actions.

SHINee Key
"I wonder what the heck Key hyung is doing..."

SHINee Key
"Gotta look at Taemin's.. I'm not sure what to do"

SHINee Key
"What the..."

SHINee Key
"OH... $HIT!"

SHINee Key
"I hope nobody notices..."
"Haha.. look at what Key hyung did... >_<"

SHINee Key
"What the hell is this..."

SHINee Key
"AHAHAHA MY STOMACH HURTS... Why did Key oppa sign the table?"

SHINee Key
"Table: $50
Key's Autograph: $100
Key's FAIL: Priceless."

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2PM’s Christmas Wishes

Kim Jung Eun and 2PM

It's the time of the year when everyone's happy and joyful. It's Christmas time!

2PM has had a rough time this year and they have told the public about their very own Christmas wishes. We can finally see the group doing something other than performing their song Heartbeat as they were featured on an episode of Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate, which happens to be the Christmas Special episode. Even if we don't get to see them on variety programs, this can be just as good as fans can finally see the boys being their dorky selves.

Chansung wanted to go "solo", Junho said he wanted to be with fans on stage for Christmas, and Junsu wanted everyone to be healthy. Taecyeon seriously stated, "Sharing a room with Junsu is inconvenient. Widen our room please." Nichkhun wanted everyone to become rich and finally, Wooyoung wanted JYP to give him a Christmas present.

The MC Kim Jung Eun expressed her Christmas wish as well. She wanted to do the part where Chansung slowly pushes Taecyeon aside at the beginning of Heartbeat. On the spot, her wish was granted as Taecyeon pulled off a funny performance with her.

Kim Jung Eun and 2PM

I'm sure in the inside, their real wish is to have leader Jaebeom back and that Jaebeom's wish is to rejoin the group as well.


BEAST’s CEO responds to Wang Biho’s “recycling” statement

Wang Biho 
Anyone recall Wang Biho's brutal criticisms toward the rookie BEAST members?

Apparently, his harsh words not only bruised the hearts of the boys but the B2TYs as well - especially on Wang Biho's comparison statement of the BEAST to the recycled apples as both are not "good enough" to be the original. To aid these hurt fans, the CEO of the Cube Entertainment, Hong Seung Sung posted a letter in response to this issue on BEAST's fan cafe on the 18th.

Wang Biho's statement toward the BEAST members aired recently on KBS 2TV Gag Concert is quite an issue now, huh? Were you all upset? However, it seems like those harsh words acted to prove the reason why our BEAST boys had to stand up again after their failure. Regardless, many emotions intertwined as we saw our fans violently complaining toward this issue. We truly learned that we now have strong support to accompany on our journey ahead.

As the world does not have a forever winner, the world also does not have a forever loser. The members of BEAST had to sweat out the pain received from their failure and worked even harder.

In youth, what could have those tears they shed during their painful pasts meant to the members? The "truth" that states that the world is only for the winners? Is that why these boys are practicing at late night, even today, to become the winners? Their hearts don't just desire to be the winners, but desperately desire to be the best on their music and stages more than anyone else.

Because BEAST has risen again after those downfalls, their pride is unshakable. Now, the members will create explosive synergies to prove that they have what it takes.

I now feel the indescribable energy from the members. The reason oceans never rot is because they always keep the constant 3% ratio of salt. If those painful pasts full of ups and downs don't take the majority of the members' lives, don't you think they are now ready to shake up the world with powerful strikes of waves?

I promise to all of you who wish the best for our BEAST. We will never disappoint anyone and prove the tears we have shed will now work as fertilizers to bring us harvest. Their songs and stages, as if those salty seawater going through changes to rain on the dry earth, we will always work our best to soak ourselves deeply in your heart. "

Hoping to eventually see his promise being kept, fighting to the BEAST members. You guys sure deserve a warm round of applause.

Here's the article regarding the criticism

Wang Biho takes on BEAST

On today's episode of Gag Concert, Wang Biho didn't fail to impress when he dissed BEAST this time around.

He started out with a light joke by saying, "I didn't know if they were MBLAQ, or U-Kiss. They're all alike. Is that why you are called BEAST?" In Korea the word "beast" sounds like "bi-seut-hae" which means to be alike.

He continued, "Their skills have already been approved. Doojoon was almost going to be part of 2PM or 2AM. Jang Hyunseung was going to be part of Big Bang and then got taken out. Lee Kikwang used to go by AJ as a solo artist. These guys are not good enough for a gift package. They're like apples in a plastic bag. They're recycled." Ouch!

He then talked about the Lee Hyuk Jae incident, "I heard I have to be careful with BEAST. Not so long ago, Lee Hyuk Jae said something bad about them and then he had to apologize. I'm not going to apologize. I do this everyday."

Lastly, he attacked one member in particular, Yoseob, "Are you G-Dragon? (His blonde hair) But when I look at your face, you're not like him. Since he's in a idol group they say he's cute but he looks like Jo Won Seok."
Is it just me or is there absolutely no resemblance between the two except for the facial expression?

Check out the sketch:

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

BEAST’s Doojoon loves to eat bugs

Pretty disgusting just thinking about it, huh? Well, not for our BEASTy Doojoon! I guess while his fellow group members were rocking the stage in Korea, Doojoon was enjoying himself by eating tasty African bugs.

On the episode of MBC's new program, Danbi that aired on the 6th, Doojoon showed the audience his rather odd taste buds by pouring some dried larvae and ants in his mouth. While chewing what once happened to be crawling insects, Doojoon nonchalantly shouted, "These are rich in protein!"

The fans were not only entertained by Doojoon's surprising appetite, but also got a good laugh listening to his poor English used to lower the price for such an extravagant snack. Thanks to his good looks and charm, Doojoon managed to get a successful dee-soo-cow-woon-too! Check out the video below starting at 7:59.

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SNSD and Super Junior release Seoul Song!

“Seoul Song”, sung by SNSD and SUJU themselves, has been released to the public.
“S.E.O.U.L” was composed by Lee Jaemyung, the same person that composed “Kissing You”
In the song “S.E.O.U.L”, they used lyrics such as “Sing along together, your dreams will come true in this beautiful place, happiness will overflow wherever you are in this city, and I love you” and portrayed bright, positive images. This MV will be shown on the 11th as the opening of “Seoul Snow Jam”, an international snowboarding competition in the Gwanhwamun Square, Saejongno, Jongno district, Seoul.
This MV was promoted through Seoul Stations, Youtube, Yahoo, Foreign mirror sites, and MTV Channel V.
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Korea's Ministry of culture, sports and tourism was serious when they stated that they were in full support of spreading K-pop and Korea to the world! We reported early this morning that f(x) and Epik High would be attending MIDEM to put on a K-pop showcase and now it seems other artists are pushing this movement as well.

SNSD + Super Junior have teamed up to create a song about Seoul, Korea. One of the coolest cities in the world, if I might add... the food, culture, shopping, and most importantly the $2 bottles of soju make me love visiting Korea!

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[MV+MP3] SNSD&Super Junior - Seoul Song

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