Friday, January 29, 2010

CNBLUE wins first Music Bank K-Chart!

So with January 29th being the last Music Bank episode of the month, we were all wondering if CNBLUE would be able to take home the win.

The competitors for the final K-Chart of January 2010 were 2-time winners Jokwon and Ga-In with We Fell In Love, 3-time winner T-ara with Bo Peep Bo Peep and newcomers CNBLUE with I’m a Loner.

And in the end, it was the super rookies CNBLUE who won their first-ever K-Chart with an impressive points total of 11,956, which was more than double their competition. Congratulations to the newcomers!


SNSD - Track 08 별별별 (Star Star Star) ☆ ★☆ w/ Eng Sub + Hangul&Romanization


one of the best tracks in SNSD's newly released album "Oh!"


하나 둘 셋 또 하나 둘 셋
미치겠다 별들아
아무리 쳐다봐도 니가 보이질 않아, oh baby
두 눈에 가득 고인 눈물 때문에 다 너 때문에
번져진 글자 위로 비친 우는 내 얼굴, oh baby
또 울지 말라고 날 다짐해봐도 또 울어
나 어떡해, 몰라 어떡해 어떡해
나 이렇게, 몰라 미치게 이렇게
다 너 땜에, 정말 너 땜에
나 아무것도 할 수 없잖아 난 널
별별별 별만큼 사랑해
왔던거야 너를 찾아 저 멀리서 넌 shining star
별 별별 별말을 다 해봐도
표현이 안돼 정말 너무나
답답해 이제 난 어떻게 해야 하나
하나 둘 세어 봐도 끝이 보이질 않아, oh baby
가슴에 가득 담긴 추억 때문에 또 니 생각에
못 다한 얘길 꺼내 혼잣말뿐 이라도, oh baby
널 돌려달라고 날 보내달라고 니 곁에
꼭 부탁해, 제발 이렇게 부탁해
꼭 하늘에, 나의 기도를 하늘에
날 위로해, 나를 위로해
준다는 넌 어디에 있니 제발
별별별 별들아 말해봐
끝난거니 그런거니 대답해봐 웃지만 말고
별별별 별들아 부탁해
단 한번만이라도 날 내 사랑
니 곁에 날아갈 수 있게 해줘
Star, star, star, ooh baby, star, star, star, oh
난 널 별별별 별만큼 사랑해
왔던거야 너를 찾아 저 멀리서 넌 shining star
별별별 별말을 다 해봐도
표현이 안돼 정말 너무나
답답해 이제 난 어떻게 해야 하나


Hana dul set tto hana dul set
Michi getda, byeol deura
Amuri chyeoda bwado niga boijil anha ,oh baby
Du nune gadeuk goin nunmul ttaemune, da neo ttaemune
Beonjyeojin geulja wiro bichin uneun nae eolgeul, oh baby
Tto ulji mallago nal dajim haebwado, tto ureo
Na eotteokhae, molla eotteokhae eotteokhae
Na ireohke, molla michige ireohke
Da neo ttaeme, jeongmal neo ttaeme
Na amugeotdo halsu eobtjanha nan neol
Byeol, byeol, byeol, byeolman keum saranghae
Watdeon geoya neoreul chaja jeo meolliseo neon shining star
Byeol, byeol, byeol byeol, mareul da haebwado
Pyohyeoni andwae jeongmal neomuna
Dap daphae ije nan eotteohke haeya hana
Hana dul seyeo bwado kkeuti boijil anha, oh baby
Gaseume gadeuk damgin chu eok ttaemune, tto ni saenggage
Mot dahan yaegil kkeonae honjat malppun irado, oh baby
Neol dollyeo dallago nal bonae dallago, ni gyeote
Kkok butakhae, jebal ireohke butakhae
kkok haneure, naye gidoreul haneure
Nal wirohae, nareul wirohae
Jundaneun neon eodiye itni jebal
Byeol, byeol, byeol, byeoldura malhaebwa
Hkeut nangeoni geureon geoni dae daphae bwa utjiman malgo
Byeol, byeol, byeol, byeoldura butakhae
Dan hanbeon manira do nal nae sarang ni gyeote
Naragalsu itge haejwo
Star, star, star, ooh baby, star, star, star, oh
Nan neol byeol byeol byeol byeolman keum saranghae
Watdeon geoya neoreul chaja jeo meolliseo neon shining star
Byeol, byeol, byeol, byeol, mareul da haebwado
Pyohyeoni andwae jeongmal neomuna
Dap daphae ije nan eotteohke haeya hana

Credits: flowinglyrics@LJ / justhyuu@LJ

English Translation
credits : anneth@youtube
posted: weheartkpop@youtube

One two three
again, one two three
im going crazy, stars

However much i look, i cant see you, oh babe
my two eyes filled with dead tears because of you
all because of you
my crying face above blurred words, oh babe
i promised myself not to cry again but i keep crying

what am i to do? (i dont know what do i do) I
 am like this (i dont know, I go crazy like this)
all because of you (really because of you)
I can't do anything, because

i loved you like a star star star
as much as a star
I found you far away  you were a shining star
star star star even if i talk like a star
the words aren't right
I'm so frustrated, what am i to do?

I count one two, but the end isnt near, oh baby
because of the memories deep inside, and my thoughts of you
i talk to myself  all the things i couldn't say to you, oh baby
to return me to you, to send me near you

promise me (please promise me like this)
to the sky (my prayer to the sky)
comfort me(comfort me)
where are you, please

star star star, stars tell me, is it over
answer, dont just laugh
star star star, stars please promise me that at least once
that i can fly to my love once again

star star star oh baby star star star..

i loved you like a star star star
as much as a star
I found you far away  you were a shining star
star star star even if i talk like a star
the words aren't right
I'm so frustrated, what am i to do?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

[News] Super Junior SiWon shows the beastly side of him?

We all know that Super Junior member SiWon is known to be a model gentleman amongst the Korean celebrities.
But recently during Super Juniors concert, fans thought they saw a rather beastly side to him too.

This is recently during Super Junior’s concert.
SiWon was seen ripping leader Lee Teuk’s shirt on stage.
Leaving poor leader like that.
But being the ultimate gentleman, he gave his tee shirt to Lee Teuk to wear

Netizens apparently seems more interested in the little ‘butt’ exposed. (:

Credit : Sookyeong+ Được đăng bởi YoonRa
aigooo so cute~ Siwon's my favourite~ ((:

[News] C.N Blue surpasses 2AM and 2PM to get to #1 spot on Monkey3 weekly chart

4-member rookie band C.N Blue has overtaken groups 2AM and 2PM to reach the #1 spot on music chart.
C.N Blue’s Korean debut song ‘Alone’ has gone up 26 spots to the #1 spot on Monkey3 chart for the 3rd week of January (18th~24th January).
Even though the group has been plagued with plagiarism accusations recently, they continued to gain popularity amongst music fans at a scary rate, and going up to the #1 spot on Monkey3 weekly chart.
At #2 is SeeYa, Davichi and T-ara with ‘Wonder Woman’ which was #1 last week. While at #3 is 2AM with their comeback song ‘Even If I Die, I Will Not Let You Go’, and #4 goes to 2PM with their new CM song ‘Tik Tok’ which fell 2 spots.

Here are the rest of the chart results:
  1. CN Blue ‘Alone’
  2. SeeYa, Davichi, T-ara ‘Wonder Woman’
  3. 2AM ‘Even if I die, I will not let you go’
  4. 2PM ‘Tik Tok’
  5. Gavy NJ ‘Love Like That’
  6. Im JaeBum ‘NakIn’
  7. Kim JongKook ‘Don’t be nice to me’
  8. Lee Seung Gi ‘Teach love with wine’

  9. Rumblefish ‘Men are all like this’
Source : Newsen
Credit : Sookyeong+ Được đăng bởi YoonRa

[News] SS501 to close their Asia Tour with Encore Concert in Seoul!

Top boygroup SS501 will wrap up their Asia Tour as the boys will execute their last concert performance through their Encore concert in Seoul in the upcoming Feb 27th and Feb 28th at Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul.
Their Asia Tour was opened last August in Seoul, and continued to other location in overseas such as : Tokyo, Shanghai, Taipei and Hong Kong giving spectacular performances for their fans.

Leader Kim HyunJoong was getting everyone’s attention as he always gives sexy performance in his solo stage whilst other member Park Jungmin gave another fan service by singing local famous song in their language.

It is shared by their agency DSP Media that this encore concert will be different from the previous concerts as the boys will give their fans new shows line up.

Meanwhile, before throwing their encore concert , this coming Feb 13, SS501 will held their concert in Bangkok-Thailand.

Tickets for the SS501 – Seoul Encore Concert can be purchased in Interpark starting Jan 27th,2010 at 7 pm local time.

Source : bntnews

Credit : Sookyeong+ Được đăng bởi YoonRa

Promotional Video

Video Credit : 005irenelin

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

[News] Taecyeon casted into new drama 'Cinderella Sister'

2PM Taecyeon goes into acting "Cinderella Sister"

2PM's Taecyeon will be casted as the following male lead in 'Cinderella Sister.'

The following project to KBS 2TV's drama 'Chuno,' Taecyeon will play the male role of Jungwoo in 'Cinderella Sister.'

The character that he will play is a bright, healthy, and honest young man. However, there is also an air of innocence to him because he always only gazes at Eunjo (Played by Moon Geunyoung). He's manly and dependable, surely to capture the hearts of women.

Taecyeon is already known as a beastly idol. However, anyone knows that there is also a fun and honest side to him as shown through 'Hot Blood' and 'Wild Bunny.'

An associate of the drama stated "Although Taecyeon doesn't have experience in acting, he usually carries a healthy and bright image and so he surely won't be lacking amongst the cast of Chun Jungmyung, Moon Geunyoung, and Seo Woo. We truly believe that Taecyeon will be able to blow life into the character, which is why we are casting him."

Moon Geunyoung will be having her first attempt at acting an antagonist and is receiving much attention and anticipation from viewers.

'Cinderella Sister' will air March of 2010.

Source : Newsen
Credit : dkpopnews+Được đăng bởi YoonRa vào lúc@kpopweb
Translation : azyfiasco@2ONEDAY.COM

[News] 2PM fans recognized as a mature fanbase!

Fans waiting for 2PM Park Jaebum's return have been consistently doing charity work, giving a mature image to their fanbase.

 Underground, a fan union made by fans in their 20's for 2PM Park Jaebum's return, has participated in a variety of charity work from last September to January of this year. Working under the name of 'People Waiting for 2PM Leadja Park Jaebum,' they have volunteered for international adoptees and Haiti, their efforts totaling up to $57,000.

They have also participated in a variety of offline activities as well. They began their offline activities last September by volunteering at a children's foundation for a total of 7 visits up until January.

Along with their donations to the children's foundation, they have also donated a total of 300 books to welfare while continually supporting those that go without meals.

International fans have also joined the efforts. A North American 2PM and 2AM fan community titled 2ONEDAY ( donated $1,000* for sending books to international Korean adoptees.

Through a happy bean project run by Naver, fans have also been collecting beans (1 is worth 10 cents) and have been donating them under the name of 'People Waiting for 2PM Leadja Park Jaebum.' Underground also opened a 'Beautiful Day' bazaar last October, donating about $9,000. With the Haiti crisis, Underground collected 50,000 beans and donated $5,000 in cash, for a total of $10,000.

Underground stated "We started these projects to help Park Jaebum's return but now we do them out of the pure urge to help others. We will continue to participate in charity work."

Source : Newsen
Credit : dkpopnews + Được đăng bởi YoonRa vào lúc@kpopweb
Translation : hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY.COM

[News] 2AM's album release delayed

2AM's new album has been decided to be delayed.

Their agency stated on the 25th "2AM's mini album set for the 26th will be delayed. The jacket pictures did not print to our satisfaction. The 2AM members have agreed to reprint them and delay the album release."

The printing mistake has caused a big problem for 2AM's agency. Not only the loss of money from the albums already printed but to delay the album further will cause a greater loss.

However, leader Jo Kwon stated "We want to show the best photoshoot. Even though the album is delayed, please wait a bit longer."

The album is set to release on the 28th.

Source : Sports Seoul
Credit : dkpopnews + Được đăng bởi YoonRa vào lúc@kpopweb
Translation : hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY.COM

[News] Brown Eyed Girls’ company, “Request for separate name notations for JeA and ZE:A”

4-member female group Brown Eyed Girls‘ company has asked for newcomer group ZE:A to have different name notation from BEG member JeA.

BEG’s company Nega Network released a report on 25th January, “There has been reports on newspaper and internet reporting that ‘Child Of Empire’ from Star Empire has decided to use ‘ZE:A‘ as their name notation. Star Empire had come to a deal with Nega Network so that the group will be called ‘Child Of Empire/제국의 아이들/JeGook Eul AhDeul’ so as to avoid confusion.”

So in the future, in reports, the boyband will be introduced as ‘ZE:A (제국의 아이들)’ together.

But currently, the pronounciation of ZE:A and JeA is still the same, and a request for permission has been sent to Nega Network on it.

Source : StarNews

Credit : Sookyeong
Được đăng bởi YoonRa vào lúc

Monday, January 25, 2010

[News] Message from Jaebum's friend?

[Independent] Seattle Korean American


I’ve always just read things that were written…
There were so many weird things said… I mustered up the courage to write…

Dear Fans… I know it’s been really hard… and because of some ridiculous stories I assume that many must be so confused…

Before I write… I immigrated to Seattle 15 years ago. I lived in Daegu when I lived in Korea. The reason why I’m writing this is to encourage you not to be confused by the strange things that are being said, not to give up, and hope that this will help Jaebum return to Korea. It’s why I wrote this on the net. I’m not a really close friend of Jaebum’s…… we’re close enough for us to call each other. I knew him before he debuted in Korea, and he was a well-mannered and sincere person. I live in Jaebum’s old neighborhood. I also liked B-boying so I used to see him out battling and Jaebum and I would support each other.

In this past few days, there have been several articles regarding Jaebum.

The articles stated that Jay had received an offer from Hollywood movie. Therefore, I called Jaebum and asked him to confirm this. I asked, “Jaebum, did you receive a call to be in a Hollywood movie?” And Jaebum responded, “No…I’m hearing this for the first time…? It never happened.” So, I said, “There are articles, constantly stating weird news about you.” He replied, “……I don’t like that, but….”

Jaebum never received an offer to do a Hollywood movie and he said it was the first time he heard it… and Jaebum… is about halfway to calling it quits…. He’s really tired of it… obviously, he’s probably not as hurt now, but he doesn’t like that he’s still a popular topic and is even scared of it…

So, please reporters, do not write false articles regarding this and disturb or give the fans a hard time…This is coming from a close friend…There may be people questioning whether I am really his friend or not and would not believe me…However, if that were the case, why would I take time writing this in this early morning? Thinking of Jaebum wanting to be alone has made me worry and sleep deprived.

I can’t do anything to help my friend, Jaebum, so to the fans- I’m placing Jaebum’s heart in your hands…even like this…
I can’t do anything about the fans who won’t believe me…. But I hope that you will believe Jaebum’s heart instead… The untrue reporters… the stories… I would like for you not to believe them… those few articles… that it’s making it hard for Jaebum here… I wish that you won’t forget that….

Like the fans, I am also supporting Jaebum and want to give hope to him by writing things like this here, even though I did not write in the “tellzone,” I’ve always looked after and gave only good things to Jaebum.

The only way to bring Jaebum back…is the fans…

Please give Jaebum strength…fans too…don’t give up, and please, I hope, fans don’t be moved or feel down by such articles.

Thank you.

Source : Daum Starzone
Credit : dkpopnews
Translation : Pingoo ; doremigirl

Saturday, January 23, 2010

SHINee says goodbye on Music Core without Key

by lawlietta

After releasing their third mini album, 2009 Year of Us, way back in October then promoting Ring Ding Dong and JoJo, SHINee finally wrapped it up with a final performance of a one-minute excerpt of JoJo then a full performance of Ring Ding Dong on Music Core this evening.

As you may have noticed, Key is missing from this stage because his grandmother passed away two days ago and he is attending her funeral. This is especially devastating news for Key since he was raised by his grandma and has expressed a very close bond with her in the past, calling her his best friend. We send our condolences & wishes to Key and his family at this time.

Stay tuned for more on this male quintet.

Cassies voice their support for TVXQ to Ellen Degeneres

by mashimello

Cassies voice their support for TVXQ to Ellen Degeneres

A couple of days ago, actress, TV host, and comedian Ellen DeGeneres left a blog post on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show‘ website asking people for international music suggestions. Ever since the post went up, TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki’s fanbase, strong>Cassiopeia, has bombarded the site with recommendations for TVXQ!

Cassies left comments on her site stating things such as, “TVXQ! Reason why you’ll love them? Simple. Because they’re all-in-one package” (Nabila Ghaisani). Hopefuls even commented, “Cassiopeians would rush to their televisions if they heard that DBSK would be appearing on your show!” (Username Milk). And although other idol bands such as SS501, Big Bang and 2PM were also suggested, the power of the Cassies seemed to overwhelm the Triple S, VIPs, and the Hottests combined!

Additionally, Ellen’s short blog simply states, “Ellen is discovering some amazing international music. Now she’s looking for more — and wants your help! If you know any great musicians from around the world, tell us why you think Ellen would love them.” Now I don’t know if Ellen will invite international artist(s) to her talk show, let alone talk about them on TV but who knows? Maybe she will!

This is an awesome opportunity to support your favorite Kpop group and help the Hallyu Wave gradually move stateside! So what are you waiting for? Click here to voice your support for TVXQ or any other artist/band that needs to be known!

Thanks to Louisa and Jenny for the tip!

Monday, January 4, 2010

[MBC Gayo Daejun] The deer & the beast: Taecyeon and Yoona’s special stage

Taecyeon and Yoona

S♥NES, Hottests & netizens won't give it a rest - latest rumor has it that Taecyeon of 2PM and Yoona of SNSD share the same couple rings! The subject has become a hot topic amongst fans to the point that Taecyeon himself mentioned the rumor on his Cyworld post today only to dismiss it.


2010.01.03 22:55


항상 건강하시고 올해는 모든 일이 원하시던 일들 다 이뤄지길~!

p.s. 요새 끼는 반지는 부모님이 사주신건데 이사하면서 찾았어요ㅋㅋ 그래서 작년에도 끼다가 요새 다시 끼

Happy New Year's!

I hope you will be healthy and that everything you want will come true~!

p.s. The ring I've been wearing these days was bought by my parents. I found it when we were moving keke. that's why I took it off last year, but I started wearing it again recently~~
So, there you have it - I guess that MBC Gayo Daejun stage was just for show after all. I know that Taec-Yoona fans would beg to differ, but I'm definitely not complaining!
Recap the performance here (:

f(x) & M.I.C.‘s “Lollipop” track revealed

f(x) & M.I.C.

f(x) and M.I.C. turned heads with their collaborative LG Lollipop CF last month, and the studio Lollipop track used in the endorsement has been released!

Apparently, this song is Marcan Entertainment's second collaboration with SM Entertainment (and second kpop work period); Marcan Ent was also the original publisher of SHINee's Get Down, which featured f(x) member Luna.

Anyway, give Lollipop a lick listen here:

In all honesty this track is a little strange, especially since the original version by BigBang and 2NE1 is absolutely marvelousssss so yeahhh check this out... its not that bad at second go, amber's voice is distinctive as usual, overall rather catchy (: enjoyyyy

MBLAQ’s Joon is a fish head

Last week, MBLAQ fans caught a glimpse of maknae Mir dressed up as an adorable bear. Seems like fellow group member Joon wanted to join in on the silliness.

On January 4th, Joon uploaded onto his Cyworld a photo of himself wearing a fish on his head. It's a rather awkward photo, not to mention the fish is pretty hideous looking. But I'm sure you ladies won't mind too much, as Joon (and his biceps) provides enough eye candy to make up for the giant fish that's eating his head.

MBLAQ's Joon is a fish head

The boys of MBLAQ never fail to amuse their fans. Many thanks to Charm Nartates for the tip!