Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Secret, Rain delays comeback in view of recent Naval tragedy

Secret delays album release

Initially planned to hit the shelves on the 1st, it was announced today that the release of Secret’s comeback album, Secret Time, has been delayed until the 6th.
Poor manufacturing and printing of the album design have caused the release date to be delayed, a representative explained.
According to Secret’s label, the final-made product’s features like colors and its packaging in general were far off from the original design they sent to the factory. Although a huge risk follows in terms of production budget, they’ve decided to remake the album, therefore destroying over 5,000 copies that have already been printed.
This is not completely bad news, as the company also confirmed that the album will still be released online on the 1st together with the music video. Furthermore with music shows canceled en masse this week, it was just as well that Secret would make their comeback in the 2nd week of April instead.

Rain delays his comeback

In the aftermath of the naval ship tragedy, the k-pop industry has evidently been affected as well.

It was reported today that Rain has shifted his comeback and album release a week later to the 7th instead of April 1st.

Looking at the current situation, Rain had no other alternatives as variety and music shows have been canceled en masse this week.

But check out this album jacket photos which were released on Daum today.


MNET’s iPhone application is a roaring success

MNET’s iPhone application has been gaining huge popularity.
The MNET application allows you to browse through top tracks that charted on, including listening to the audio and their respective music videos. You can also watch MNET programs through this application on your iPhone.
MNET announced on the 31st, “Since our iPhone application was made available on the 24th, there’s been over 400,000 downloads.”
This means that most of the iPhone users in Korea have this application. Other popular applications have only had 100,000 downloads which is a lot less than the Mnet application. Idol’s sure have a huge impact on everything.
Anyway, get your copy now because it’s free and although it’s entirely in Korean, it shouldn’t take you too long to figure out the application. There are also plans for a release on the Android market and Windows Marketplace in the near future.


Kim Hyung Joon’s dog, Chocolate is popular with fans

If you didn’t know, SS501 member, Kim Hyung Joon has a dog which is named Chocolate and is hugely popular among fans.
Photos of Chocolate uploaded by Kim Hyung Joon have been reuploaded on various sites in Korea, with many commenting on how cute it is and looking like a cotton candy with brown fur.
Netizens expressed, “It looks very handsome and resembles the owner,”, “It has a cute name but why name it Chocolate“, etc.


oh my! choco is such a big girl now!! ((:

remember she was this tiny and here and here

f(x) News Bundle: f(x) to appear on Star King; CF released (media heavy)


f(x) Auction CF Released





Amber (yah, mah bias, get over it)

Oh, and here's a bonus, a clip from an upcoming Star King Ep:

affxtion forums



MBLAQ’s Mir likes the smell of his farts?

You guys are probably thinking, “what?!” That’s exactly what I thought but let’s let MBLAQ’s maknae Mir explain.

Mir said through UFO radio, “Farts are natural but my members get so crazy when I fart. There isn’t one person on Earth that doesn’t fart. I fart with ease so I have more power.”

Alright, maybe Mir won’t explain himself after all.

Mir continued, “I love the smell of my farts. I want to sell a perfume that has the scent of my farts.” I just have to say, he keeps getting weirder and weirder.

In the end though, you gotta love him for being honest.

source: allkpop

Heechul made f(x)’s Sulli cry

f(x)’s Sulli made a confession recently about how Super Junior’s Heechul made her cry.

On a recent broadcast of SBS Power FM “Kim Heechul’s Young Street,” Sulli, along with SNSD’s Jessica and Super Junior’s Donghae made an appearance as guests.

Regarding Heechul's first impression, Jessica responded, “In addition to being a person who believed he was all that, Heechul also had a very cold personality,” making Heechul flustered.

Additionally, Sulli said her first impression of Heechul was “weird.” She said, “He bothered me so much throughout the years. When I first met Heechul, I was only a 12 year old little girl, but he bothered me so I cried a lot.”

Meanwhile, Donghae
explained how he first met Heechul.

He expressed, “The management company informed me that a new trainee was coming from Kang Won Do so I was to retrieve him. I went with Yunho to get him, but throughout the entire trip I was so lazy that I kept complaining. However, when I got there I became polite and introduced myself.”

To these comments, the audience complimented about the radio show, “It was a fun show because it was honest,” and “After hearing from the guests, I feel closer to the radio DJ.” Heechul’s radio airs every night from 8 – 10pm.
Source: allkpop

No M!Countdown, Music Bank and Music Core for this week

In view of the CheonAhnHam sinking incident, there will be no Mnet M!Countdown on 1st April.

According to a Mnet official on 30th March through a phone interview, “This week, Mnet M!Countdown will not go on air. Instead we will air a 1/4 length of Mnet M!Countdown highlights video.”

Other than Mnet M!Countdown, KBS Music Bank and MBC Music Core have confirmed that they will not be airing their music shows this week. As for SBS Inkigayo, discussions are still in the midst as to whether the music show will go on air on 4th April.

Meanwhile, with the CheonAhnHam sinking case on 27th March, SBS Inkigayo did not go on air on 28th March. Other than that, SBS ‘1000 songs challenge’ and SBS ‘Finding Smiles’ were replaced with the airing of old dramas. And on 29th March, MBC ‘Come To Play’ and KBS ‘ChitChat of the Beautiful Ladies’ were replaced with the airing of documentaries.

Source: sookyeong

this is depressing... we're sorry for the naval accident incident.... but the lack of music shows since last week....

its equally depressing... ):

ZE:A "Let's go Pusan" Photoshoot (behind the scenes)

source: LovinZEA@yt

Cinderella's Sister MV (너 아니면 안돼 / It Has To Be You - Super Junior Yesung)

Song: 너 아니면 안돼 - Super Junior Yesung 2010 KBS2 Drama Start: 31 March 2010 Stars: Moon Geun Yeong, Chun Jung Myung, Seo Woo, Taecyeon  

cr Pochipotato@yt

Run Devil Run (Story Version)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Xiah Junsu’s brother, ZUNO releases debut MV

After teasing us with his MV teaser, hot abs and album jacket photos, ZUNO (Kim Junho) or otherwise known as the brother of TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu and will be debuting in the China market, has released the MV for his debut single, Let Me Go.

Check out his music video which has a strong Korean flavor to it.

BEAST’s Doojoon didn’t want to return to Korea?

BEAST’s leader Doojoon has revealed that there was a time when he didn’t want to come back home to Korea.
Doojoon holds a permanent spot on Sunday Sunday Night’s Danbi where he travels with the team to different parts of the world and doing volunteer work for needy families.
Doojoon said in a recent interview, “There was a time when I didn’t want to return to Korea after filming Danbi. I was in Kenya and I really didn’t want to come back. It was so peaceful and I love the environment so it was truly breathtaking.”
He continued, “Also, when we were about to go to sleep, I looked up and there were so many stars above in the sky. It wasn’t something that you could see in Seoul. That was when I realized that I didn’t want to go back.”
I definitely see where he’s coming from. An experience like that is hard to measure up to. For Doojoon, it must be nice to get away from the stress of being an idol and enjoy the beauty of the world.
He wrapped things up by saying, “I always film with a thankful mindset. It’s volunteer work but it’s a learning experience for me.”

heartfacee  @allkpop

Onew gets owned by the karaoke machine on Hello Baby

On a recent filming session for KBS JOY’s SHINee’s Hello Baby, the boys plus their baby Yoo Geun hooked up their television to a fancy karaoke machine to hit up some of their favorite children’s songs. SHINee was also challenged to get the highest score and rating out of all.
Team’s leader, Onew, however, seems to have focused on acting funny a bit too much while singing. Not only did he received the lowest score, but was advised by the machine, “You need a lot of work to become a singer.”
Talk about embarrassment…


Hyori’s interview for Adidas

Lee Hyori was chosen to represent the women’s line for Adidas alongside many well-known stars, like Ciara, Whitney Port, Adrienne Bailon and others.

The Adidas youtube page, adidasoriginals, put up an interview with Hyori, where she talked about fashion, music, and her inspiration. Although the interview was in Korean, she definitely stepped up to the global celebrity status by representing Adidas alongside so many superstars.

cr jeshicaa @allkpop

Full audio of Rain’s Love Song released!


Following the release of two MV teasers and a 50-second audio teaser, Rain’s Love Song from his upcoming mini-album BACK TO THE BASIC has now been revealed in full!
Through his special comeback album, Rain wanted to remind fans that, even during his indefinite hiatus, he still had the same passion for music that he did when he debuted as a rookie. As expected, the main track reveals Rain’s amazing singing abilities that have not wavered since eight years ago. The soft piano melody blends in flawlessly with Rain’s soothing voice, formulating yet another timeless song by Rain that is sure to be played over and over again on your music playlist.
The beautiful lyrics that entail this love song are also said to have been written by Rain himself. Singing, dancing, modeling, producing, acting, wrestling… Is there anything Rain can’t do? He’s really making it harder for guys by raising the standards impossibly high.
Anyway, take a listen to the song for yourself and you be the judge.

April’s forecast looks like a month of heavy shower so be prepared to get wet! Ladies, in particular, should take extra precaution, if you know what I mean.
Stay tuned for the release of the full MV.

cr beastmode@allkpop

Sunday, March 28, 2010

SHINee Has an All-out War to Expose Each Other, Curious of Their True Feelings

On KBS JOY?s ?SHINee?s Hello Baby,? acting fathers SHINee wanted to spend a happy time together with their child Yoogeun, going on a spring trip to a pension (homey hotel) near Seoul.

Leading busy lives due to recent activities overseas after their debut and seeing as it has been a while since they made a trip, SHINee explained afterwards that they were extremely excited the entire way there. SHINee, in particular, during the recording of preparing dinner, went all out on exposing themselves even more.

Last time, until the very end of the recording of SHINee?s five members? vote for ?Best & Worst Dad,? the undisclosed incident showed the truth that Key was the one who hastily wrote Taemin?s name for ?Worst Dad? on air which came out as a revealing and satisfying incident. When the truth also revealed that both Jonghyun and Onew started the graffiti when Onew took the all blame for the incident, Onew?s unfair, falsely charged crimes were stripped.

Furthermore on air, the nonpublic SHINee?s private lives at home are going public. Broadcast on March 23rd at 12:10 AM.

source: nate
translate: joodit @weareshining
credits: + SFI

SHINee in Singapore Teens Magazine, april 2010 issue and i-Weekly

Having recently performed at the Esplanade, up-and-coming band SHINee consisting of Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin, were amongst many Korean Stars who arrived in Singapore for the Oh Joonsung Drama Concert. But none drew as much attention, or gasps of sheer delight, from the throng of teenage girls who stalked the arrival hall of Changi Airport, for a chance to see these cute Korean boys up close and personal!
Says fellow performer Bobby Kim, "When we arrived at the airport, we were shocked by the sheer number of SHINee fans! It felt as though the boys were Michael Jackson!" Indeed, the five hotties from SHINee were equally surprised by their popularity here. "We are very excited and didn't expect to see all these people at the airport welcoming us," says Onew humbly.

Boys to Men
Although the band was formed only in 2008. SHINee is already hugely successful within the region, scoring many firsts including becoming fashion trendsetters for their young fans and winning the "Best New Artist" award at the 5th Asia Song Festival. But the real challenge is reinventing themselves as they grow up and graduate into full-time singers.
"We may be students now, but we're also professional singers and we would like to have a more professional career later on." say the boys. "We want to go from being a boy band to being a man band. We will do our best to please our fans."
In the meantime, the boys are taking the opportunity to learn from other veteran bands. Displaying their humility to the maximum, the band says, "With so many boy groups out there, we're really learning from all these other artistes. It's all about health competition."

Asian Roots
As much as they hope to show their fans their maturing musicality, one thing they aren't keen to change is their strong Asian roots. Speaking about their first-ever performance in Singapore, SHINee is particularly delighted to have the opportunity to participate in a concert that features music from Korean drama favourites. The boys declare, "We will try our best and hope that our Asian culture will spread to other parts of the world!"
Just before the interview ended, we asked SHINee if they had any plans to perform with international artostes. To our pleasant surprise, they boys showed more interest in collaborating with singers from Asia! "So far we haven't had any chances for collaborations, but we're looking forward to performing with others Asian artistes like Bobby Kim."

Please take out only with full credits! THANK YOU.
source and reup by angeltard@sfi

a 5-member group with members of average age of 16 - 20 years old. Band of SM Entertainment. Debuted in 2008 with a representative track "Ring Ding Dong"

With the high popularity in Singapore, in just shortly 2 months, they've landed in Singapore's land twice with fans waiting at the airport to welcome them, following them even to their hotels and occupy shopping malls.
3 years ago, when SHINee were still students, their company - SM, has already planned for them to capture the hearts of many in Asia. Recently visiting countries like Taiwan, Cambodia, Singapore and sharing the stage with a Hong Kong artiste Lin Feng in Hong Kong.
These idols also know when to show their own individual talents. In "Hello Baby", watch how these young boys take care a baby, making fans who watches them, also want to love them like how they love the baby. Team leader Onew will be staging a musical "Brothers Were Brave" in the coming April, displaying his musical talent. Having an ex-soccer coach father, Minho appearing in "Dream Team" showed his guts in challenging the challenges they had for him, giving the audience a sense of excitement.
And, with the personal experience i-weekly had with the boys a month back during a face-to-face interview, the five politely introduced themselves "Hello! We are SHINee!" and with their recognizable action of the hand "Woosh", neatly presented. Wondering that such a simple action has made the boys practiced and rehearsed for how many times.
After seeing their performances, obviously interesting and exciting, and also because of their passion for this, their sweat that they put in and the professionalism they present, these boys really deserve 100 out of 100!

Please take out only with full credits! THANK YOU.
Source; Translations and Reup by angeltard@sfi

Flower Boy ‘Kim HyunJoong-KimBum, MVIO Collection...Showed their unchanged friendship

Popular drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Kim HyunJoong (25) and Kim Bum (22) attracted attention on their appearance together at a fashion show.

Kim HyunJoong and Kim Bum flaunt their friendship when they attended to ‘2010 Spring Seoul Fashion Week’ held on 26-Mar morning at SETEC, Seoul, for designer Han SangHyuk’s MVIO collection. Yoo SeungHo and singer Jung YeopDo also attended as guests.

Group SS501’s Park JungMin at Song HyeMyung designer show, actor Lee JungJin will be the main model for the runway for Kang DongJoon designer show. Singer K-Will and actor Kim HeungSoo will attend as guests.

-rest omitted-

Video link :

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Lee Hyori teased with the first concept photo of H-Logic!

Sexy singer Lee Hyori teased with the first concept photo of her fourth album.

Her fourth album is titled as H-Logic.As you can see in the photo,she will be making her comeback with a totally different and unique image.

[Pictures] Latest Cyworld photos of Rainbow's Woo Ri & Hyun Young!

Some recent updates of Rainbow's Hyun Young and Woo Ri on Cyworld!

Hyun Young uploaded some cute selca photos on her Cyworld while Woo Ri shows the photos of herself in glasses.

The girls are currently working on their new album,can't wait for their comeback!

[NEWS] Dae Guk Nam Ah Care for Criticism‏!

[Edaily SPN YangSeungJun] Because all the members of DNA like DBSK so much when they are monitored the same image comes out. Truthfully mean comments hurt us but we don't hate them. Since we're rookies, it's and honor to be compared to DBSK sunbaes. We think criticism is essential. If we didn't care then it would be unlawful. (Dae Guk Nam Ah)

The average age of 17.4, the 5 member rookie boy group Dae Guk Nam ah. Even though the 5 boys are young they're hug hit. An emphasized harmonized debut single "Admiring Boy" and a concept that is similar to DBSK's "Hug." "Though we got criticized these criticisms make us want to work harder," says leader Mika. Dreaming of being the second DBSK is the five members of Dae Guk Nam Ah Mika, Karam, HyunMin, Injun, and Jay. 'Best influence in the music industry artist', they were not the aspirations containing 'False Fame'. The five boys, to the abilities of their ages used harmony, dance, and amazing skills to capture the attention of the fans. To make it long, 5 years, to make it short, 1 year and a half the 5 boys went through harsh practice and the hidden talent in their lives were revealed and prevailed.

The member's past is also striking. For Jay, he was picked in SBS StarKing at the age of thirteen for his phenomenal popping. Also Mika is a relative of 2PM's Junsu. Junsu, born in Daegu, is Mika's father's sister's son.

"Junsu Hyung went to the same music school as me but I just knew him as one of my teacher's students. But when I went to my grandmother's 70th birthday and sang a song, a relative of mine said that 'My son is a singer too,' and talked about Junsu Hyung. And that's how I found out that Junsu Hyung was my relative. Before debuting I looked for Junsu Hyung at the musical broadcasting studio and he told me 'If while you do singing activities and have a hard time tell me, cheering me on."(Mika)

Even though it's been 3 weeks since Dae Guk Nam Ah's official debut stage their stage is still a little unfamiliar. When also passing by the road, and the friends examine you, you can't be happy.

"If high school student know about us we become a big fuss. If they ask for our signatures we will ask, "Do you know who we are?" If we go to a music program public broadcasting fans make big flashcards cheering us on and that gives us a lot of strength. Even though we still tremble and get nervous on stage, when we see the fans our hearts can relax." (Karam)

The sunbae singers also cutely watched out for the 'Music industry's maknae'

"Outsider sunbae treats us extremely well. He also cheers us on. Later on if there is a need to do rap he said he will make lyrics for us. His words to 'work hard' have given us an immense amount of strength" (Jay)

Although I wish I could have made memories in my school life, the dream of becoming a singer has come true and day by day is happy Dae Guk Nam Ah. "Rookies of the Year," the 5 boys' eyes shone brightly throughout the interview.

"This year we will work hard and we hope that people will know 'Dae Guk Nam Ah.' Although 'Admiring Boy' a song for our age that is innocent and cute is doing well, from now on we will move on to various different concepts so please anticipate." (InJun)

Many thanks to Kingdom Prince for the tips!

credit: dianareizelle@KP
translated by: candyjunsu@KP

[news] leader hyunjoong for car advertisement?

So, there’s a Korean blogger who is also HJL’s close friend, posted up a photo of HJL from side view while driving his car after sleeping over at his friends’ house when they did the football game in the neighborhood.

The blogger also calls him Hyung-nim which means the blogger is younger than HJL, a close friend and a Male also – which makes me relieve haha ^^

The blogger also mention that HJL is still not washing his face after sleeping over and that he is driving his Porsche heading to Apgu-jeong.

This post has dragged people’s interest and bringing a total of 340.000 visitor to the blog.

Few comments for this post :

- He even looks good before washing his face

- This photo looks like a Car Advertisement (LOL ^^)

Source : 김수진 기자, Eng Trans : Imuyachan for MarinaStory

Saturday, March 27, 2010

you be the judge

personally ramblings...

i posted this video of 3 ChongSa's performance on a korean forum that i recently signed up for. Underrated as they were, i wasnt expecting any comments or anything.. I checked the site back later, and to my surprise there was ONE comment!

the person wrote:

         라이브인지 립싱크인지...

I dont know the korean language, thus i google translated the comment..
the translation came up to something like this

         live singing, lip singing (live or lip syncing)

i decided to reply her with the timings in the youtube clip that OBVIOUSLY shows that it was a LIVE performance.

        0:26 0:44 0:52 1:23 1:39 1:53 2:37 2:51
        라이브....... LIVE singing

i should have added in my reply


which translates to

        idiot? (of cos i did not)

3 ChongSa is in fact a rather underrated trot group in the kpop scene.. and the truth is, it really isnt easy to sing trot and dance like a wild person without sounding breathless on tv.. and you know.. these boys are really young!! ('89, '91, '92)

netizens..  just cos they dont belong to the poppy group? they are absolutely adorkable okay!

anyway you be the judge.. are they live singing? or are they not?

SBS Inkigayo cancelled for mourning victims of naval ship sinking

SBS has reported their decision to cancel the broadcast of all programs of comedy nature, due to the tragic sinking of a naval ship which happened on the 26th around island of Baek Ryung. Inkigayo will also be cancelled as well, alongside Challenge! 1000 Songs and People Searching for Laughter.
The accident has left 104 navy soldiers in the open ocean, and only fifty-eight of them have been rescued thus far. Forty-six haven’t been found, and their families and relatives have fallen in deep grief for their loss. Some speculate that the naval ship might have sunken due to an attack by North Korea (however, unlikely), a collision with a submerged rock, or an internal explosion of the stored weapons.
It is devastating to see such tragedy happen, especially with so many lives at stake. We sincerely hope the remaining soldiers will be safe as well, and wish the best of luck to the family members of victims in mourning.

cr rameninmybowl

Friday, March 26, 2010

Kara bursts into tears while talking about their harsh dieting regime


Kara’s Jiyoung expressed her true feelings about the difficult aftermath of her harsh diet.

Kara were the guests on tvN’s Taxi, where Kang Jiyoung said, “Before Mister, I had to go through a very harsh diet. After losing the weight, I experienced the yo-yo phenomenon [of gaining the weight back].”

On this episode, Kara also revealed their breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, titled “Kara Menu”. Nicole said, “I lost 3kg by dieting. I keep exercising everyday because I am afraid of gaining the weight back.”

Han Seungyeon also spoke up about her fall on Music Bank a few weeks ago. She said, “The moment I got off the stage, I began to cry.”

cr jeshicaa@allkpop

Choi Siwon and Yoona look good together

Choi Siwon and Yoona look good together

Earlier in the month Super Junior’s Choi Siwon got together with SNSD / Girls’ Generation member Yoona to become the SPAO couple.

Recently a lucky fan was granted access to a photo shoot where the two came together once again. No word on what specifically this is for but it’s probably not for SPAO as the clothes look different from their style. Regardless for whatever it’s for, they look great together. Thanks to mindyc for the tip and WIW+宝蓝阁BY葵之语 for sharing the photos.


BEAST wins Mnet countdown

Thursday, March 25, 2010

BEAST's ballad on Mnet Countdown is SHOCKING!!

 [엠카100325] BEAST - 붙잡고도 (Despite Holding On)

its the first time ive heard of this ballad from them but its so amazing!! i love it!!
Beast in suit is SMEXYYYY~~


i found out that the song was originally from this group called Noel
check out the original MV here

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SHOCK IDOl BEAST Picture Investigation!

Upholding the pride of male idol groups among the wave of female groups, 6-membered group BEAST is receiving interest online because of their funny pictures.

BEAST is a 6-membered group made up of leader Yoon Doojoon, rapper Yong Junhyung, dancer Hyunseung, main vocal Yang Yoseob, Lee Kikwang who played Saeho in High Kick, and magnae Son Dongwoon. They previously performed 'Bad Girl' and 'Mystery', but are currently taking a step to becoming the best idols with their new song 'Shock'.

What are these charismatic boys like off stage? The six members are currently trending idols thanks to each of their different charms.

Although BEAST’s leader Doojoon usually showed a manly, reliable side, earning the title ‘boyfriend-dol’, his random blunders brought laughter to fans. Junhyung, nicknamed ‘tongue fatty’ and ‘Bbulmon’, is a charismatic rapper on stage, yet shows his cuteness and tactfulness through his speech off stage.

With looks prettier than a girl and talent in both singing in dancing, Hyunseung minimizes his use of words in order to keep an air mystery and charisma. Although he usually speaks well with eye contact to his fans, because of this broadcast image, he is restraining himself. Yoseob, in charge of cuteness, has a powerful voice that does not seem to match his looks, making fans claim it is the biggest twist since Sixth Sense.

Kikwang who played Saeho in MBC’s ‘High Kick Through the Roof’ received nicknames such as ‘torso Kikwang’, ‘robust Kikwang’ for his nice body. Not matching his is muscular body and manly looks, his inarticulate speech and killer smile are bringing in fans. Beating other members in volubility, Son Dongwoon receives loves for his inherited good looks. Although he is the magnae of the group, he was called ‘Son Old man’ for his mature looks.

While, BEAST’s leader Doojoon films MBC ‘Sunday Night – Dambi’, the other members appear on talk shows, radio shows, and other variety shows as well. BEAST’s new song ‘Shock’ remains in the top on various music charts.

CREDITS: original picture THE STAR NEWS (SOURCE); birdsareweird@B2ST Rising (TRANS)

Sunny "Jessica is... perverted. She has a paparazzi collection."!

SNSD's Sunny has revealed Jessica's tendency to be perverted.

In SBS's "Strong Heart" which aired March 23, Jessica and Sunny showed off their witty talking skills. On this day Jessica stated, "This year, all of SNSD are now in their 20's. Whenever words like 'boyfriend', 'date', or 'kiss' comes out, the kids go crazy" and got the attention of the crowd.

She added, "Because we're idols, we can't imagine walking with our boyfriends and kissing in public. One day, while we were in our van, we witnessed a couple who was holding each other and kissing. While the other members were being embarrassed and saying 'Oh my..', Sunny was staring at the couple and I shouted 'Oh~ Look at them!'" She reenacted what she did at the time and caused a laughter in the studio. Jessica said, "After that day, everyone kept calling me perverted."

In relation, Sunny mentioned, "Being accused of being perverted was not since then," which caused the guests to be curious. Sunny added, "While we were changing in the waiting room, there was a sound of a camera. When I turned around, it was Jessica's act of paparazzi." This made Jessica embarrassed.

When Sunny told Jessica to erase it, Jessica said that it was a precious memory and ended up keeping it. It was revealed that Jessica looks at the pictures and laugh by herself. Jessica seemed proud to have the "ByunSica Collection".

Following this story, MC Kang Hodong and Lee Seungki gained great attention to Jessica's cell phone. When Kang Hodong asked where the cell phone was right now, Jessica answered, "I'm keeping it safe in the dorm." Lee Seungki also managed to cause a laughter by asking, "Where is your dorm located?"

Credit: Sosiz ||1||2||
Translation: + dkp

SS501's Hyung Jun did parody of Lupin & Bingeul Bingeul! + Twitter Selca Pic

It has been a while since we heard of SS501.

I found a video here that will make you laugh for sure.Member Hyung Jun appeared on a radio show recently singing the funny version of KARA's Lupin and U-Kiss' Bingeul Bingeul.

Seriously i can't stop laughing after watching his singing here,watch the video and have some laughs!

cr DKP