Monday, May 31, 2010

TaeYeon (SNSD) spotted in Singapore + Vid

Someone twittered this picture of Taeyeon earlier

TaeYeon (SNSD) spotted in Singapore Universal Studio
She was spotted in Singapore Universal studio with her family! Stay tune for more updates!


I think its really her! She doesnt look as tho she has make up on, even so, she still looks really pretty!

I'll post credits as soon as i find out the source of this photo

quote: "Apparently, Taeyeon is in Singapore now. (via @energywen and @christipherlo) Nope, I have no details at all. /amazed"


"Another picture of SNSD Taeyeon shopping! not sure if this picture is taken in Singapore or not."

quote " RT @givemeajea @Kokokoreano apparently it's really true.   my friend works at universal studios & she bought a pair of slippers from there."

New Update

To all fellow Singaporeans reading this:

I update this post with a video, however I must say as a Singaporean, i feel that some fans' behaviour are a disgrace. I know we are all excited to see a korean star in our midst in such close proximity. But before you start pitching your tents and stalk her with your camera and screams, please think about how she would have felt. Taeyeon came here to Singapore for LEISURE PURPOSES, not to be stalked after. I understand the excitement, but please show her some respect by giving her her deserved freedom and also, please dont disgrace us fellow Singaporeans. Though im sure now TaeYeon knows for sure, when she bring her other 8 dongsaengs to Singapore for a concert, its sure to be sold-out (:

here's the video

cr beaniewhut