Friday, September 17, 2010

CN Blue releases 2nd Japanese Single on 16 Sept 2010

I was reading this article on akp with regards to top 5 worst and best groups. CN Blue came under the worst category. But do you feel the same way after listening these new tracks? I cant say for the English track since personally I feel that the English lyrics could have been better. But this is originality isnt it? Why are the critics still harping on the plagerism issue? Anyway as a CNBlue fan (but also wanting to stand on neutral grounds), Im still thinking whether I should repost that article. In anycase, be charmed by CNBlue's 2 latest tracks! I DONT KNOW WHY I DONT KNOW WHY I LOVE YOU BABYYYYY~

I am so charmed by JongHyun's voice~ melting away nowwww

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BEAST will be revealing a ballad song on the 17th... comeback set for late September

[OSEN=Choi Nayoung Reporter] The group BEAST has been confirmed for a comeback during late September.

BEAST's management, Cube Entertainment, stated, "The third mini album for BEAST and comeback has been decided for late September."

A song in the third mini album for BEAST, 'Clenching a Tight Fist' will be revealed on an online music site at 10AM KST on the 17th. This song will be an R&B track from the hit song maker Ahn Youngmin. It will be a new sound that harmonizes the traditional ballad with a new melody.

BEAST had showed off their skills earlier by releasing a sincere version of the song 'Easy' during their past album promotions.


Lee Joon, "Mir is jealous of my acting debut"

MBLAQ member Lee Joon attended the press conference for teen drama 'Jungle Fish 2' at Seoul's KBS media hall, 1.30pm on the 16th.

At the press conference, Lee Joon said, "Mir was jealous ever since we got the news that I would be in 'Jungle Fish 2' and he kept looking for trouble with me".

Lee Joon added, "This isn't the first time Mir is jealous", "Earlier in Kan Mi Yeon's 'Crazy' MV, he was also jealous that I got to act a cool character". This caused laughter at the press conference.

Lee Joon sent a text message before which said, "Cheol-yong ah, let's get along well".

In this drama, Lee Joon acts as a pure and passionate student who cherishes friendship and loyalty. Although he was once forced to quit school because he was betrayed by a friend, he still has treats others with a genuine heart and always puts friends first.

Source: Nate News

Chinese Translation: 蓝嫣0 chenmo@MBLAQCHINA

English Translation: Homaniac@AbsoluteMBLAQ

[Video] Dalmatian's Youngwon & Jisu dancing to "Madonna" & "A"

These boys have gained much attention although they have just debuted for 3 weeks.

Members YoungWon and Jisu danced to popular female idols' songs Madonna and A,take a look at the video clip below!

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J.Y.J’s activities in Japan halted due to investigations

As many of you may know, J.Y.J’s management team in Japan is the Korean company, C-JES Entertainment. However, what you may not know is that representatives for the company are allegedly affiliated with organized crime (extortion/blackmail).

As of now, their Japanese company, Avex, is investigating the situation and allegations. Since their contract with Avex was signed through C-JES Entertainment, if C-JES Entertainment is found guilty of the alleged crimes, J.Y.J’s contract with Avex might be voided. In relation, since the status of their contract in Korea is not fully resolved yet, there exists the possibility that this could affect the suit with SM Entertainment.

As a result of these unknown factors, Avex feels that until a solution is reached, they have an ethical obligation to cease activities.

On the bright side of things for fans, Avex does go on to say that although the situation between DBSK and SM may not have changed, Avex will do its best to resume DBSK activities in Japan. Furthermore, all products which have already been planned to be released will not be cancelled as a result of this.

Source: Avex
Translation: Sujin

Some of Korea’s top rappers have gathered to make a hit track for fresh Korean apparel company FADDY ROBOT. The collaboration members include 4minute’s HyunA, BEAST’s Junhyung (JOKER), 237, Vasco, Outsider, Verbal Jint, Joosuc, Sangchu from Mighty Mouth, and producer by S-Tiger.

Earlier today a teaser for the track was revealed on the FADDY ROBOT website:

Bonus 2:08 of the song:

There’s no word on when the full MV should be out but it should be soon. If you’re interested in the crazy styles of FADDY ROBOT, check out their shop at Thanks to deaan for the tip.

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2AM vs BEAST: chocolate abs battle

“Beastly” idol groups 2AMand BEAST will reveal their chocolate abs on an upcoming special harvest festival (Chuseok) episode of “The Best Ideal Star Couple” on SBS.

The two groups were made to compete by exercising with weights as well as ab-rollers while at the same time singing their hit songs, “Can’t Let You Go Even if I Die” and “Shock”. The boys are said to have been labeled as boyfriend material rather than just beastly idols. Jinwoon and Changmin of 2AM are reported to have cause laughter in particular as they reenacted army exercises. Changmin, though only 24-years-old, was revealed to have already gone through his mandatory military service.

Other idols on the show will include 2PM, T-ara, and SHINee. The show will air on the 22nd at 6:15PM, KST.

Source: Nate
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

CNBLUE to release new Japanese single

CNBLUE, who made a debut in Japan last year, will be making a comeback in the Japan with the single “Don’t Know Why“. The single, to be released on the 16th, will have 2 songs – “Lie” has been determined as the title song.
CNBLUE will also be having a live tour all over Japan, and the concert tickets were sold out within a minute. The three locations for the concerts include ‘Namba Patch’ in Osaka on the 16th, ‘Bottom Line’ in Nagoya on the 18th, and ‘Shibuya-AX’ in Tokyo on the 20th.
Check out the preview to “I Don’t Know Why” below:

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New regulation of outfits in music programs

It seems as if the Korean music industry has regressed 10 years with music programs introducing restrictions on the outfits of performing singers.
Clothing censorship first began in 2000 with the three major broadcast companies imposing them. Now, 10 years later, the ‘checks’ have returned once more in an effort to reduce the amount of sexually-suggestive clothing and performances that are broadcasted.
Singers in their teens and 20’s are the ones who are impacted the most by these new standards, especially for girl groups competing in an aggressive and competitive market.
Fans also have not been welcoming to the change, claiming that it’s an anachronism to the current age and are weary of an invasion on the freedom of speech and expression.
In addition, the new standards released by each broadcast company differs, thus bringing about much confusion to the singers.

SBS’s “Inkigayo” set three bans on outfits: shirts that reveal too much cleavage, shirts that expose the belly button, and wearing white shorts under miniskirts. Starting from the 4th, the producers of “Inkigayo” asked singers to make the appropriate changes, keeping the three bans in mind.
SBS stated, “It is true that we check outfits during rehearsals. However, as opposed to calling it a ‘regulation’, it’s an agreement made by all of the agencies. Every singer has a different concept and style so it’s hard for us to tell them to change this and that.
As mentioned before, the biggest changes were made by girl groups since their outfits have become as important as their music and choreography. Girl group Rainbow’s “A” was served a ban on their ‘ab dance,’ leading them to eventually change their choreography and shirt choice.
Nine Muses were also forced to make a few changes due to the visual impact of their outfits. Their long jackets, which previously covered their hot pants, were adjusted to expose the shorts. The main reason behind the change was that it looked as if they weren’t wearing anything under the jackets.

What’s becoming a bigger problem other than the regulations is that there is no consistency. Most of the new rules focus on the top and completely ignore the bottom and there are no restrictions on hot pants and other outfits that could reveal more than one would think.
Although Rainbow was forced to change their choreography on the “Inkigayo” episode broadcast on the 4th, Chaeyeon, Narsha, and An Jinkyung were allowed to wear short hot pants without any changes and their performances were broadcast with no edits.
A couple viewers stated, “Which country in the world thinks that a belly button is sexier than legs?” and “The hot pants worn by singers lately are as short as underwear, why isn’t anyone criticizing that?
Few are also of the opinion that public broadcasts changing their standards won’t help anything if cable broadcasts stay the same. Such regulations might force singers to show what they couldn’t on public broadcasts on cable broadcasts.
An industry representative that requested to remain anonymous commented, “It is true that there is much confusion going around because each broadcast company has different standards. If this keeps up, singers will have to create separate outfits for both public and cable.”

However, these limitations cannot be regarded in only a bad light since the heated competition amongst girl groups are forcing some of them to come up with more stimulating performances.
Many have suggested that the three broadcast companies come up with a unified regulation, as commented by one industry representative: “Every time the standards change, it just brings about more confusion with the singers. The broadcast companies must discuss in depth with the singers and come to an agreement on a guide line that works for both sides.”
Another industry representative stated, “Checking the outfits during camera rehearsals and asking them to make specific changes in a short amount of time allows room for accidents to happen. If there’s a set standard, it’s easier for singers to prepare in advance and prevent accidents.”
Secret’s agency director, Won Geunyoung, commented, “It’s important for the singers that worked hard on their song and performance to be able to freely express it. Companies that are trying to attract attention with stimulating content must learn to restrict themselves. We hope that the broadcast companies view the outfits and performances of singers with an open mind.”
Source: Sports Seoul, Nate
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Yong Hwa, Seo Hyun met and failed to recognize their idol

It appears that CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa and SNSD’s Seo Hyun have only got eyes for each other.
On September 11th’s episode of “We Got Married”, the Jung Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun couple visited a sushi boat restaurant.
Ueno Juri, who came to Korea to promote the sequel to her hit film “Nodame Cantabile“, appeared as a sushi chef and met with the couple.
Jung Yong Hwa had picked Ueno Juri as his ideal woman on radio, and Seo Hyun is known to be a passionate fan of hers also.
Ueno Juri, wearing thick-rimmed glasses, seemed to notice them and tried not to reveal her identity.
However, the couple did not recognize Ueno Juri for a long time. Seo Hyun made her nervous when she appeared to have discovered something and said, “I saw it now“, but she was just looking at the price of sushi.
Ueno Juri then removed her glasses and started serving tea, but the couple only recognized the Japanese actress  after the owner of the restaurant notified them.
Ueno Juri put on a good act, saying, “Thanks for saying I look like an actress.” She expressed her sadness, saying, “You should have recognized me a bit earlier. It took too long.
Jung Yong Hwa commented in his interview, “I couldn’t believe my eyes even after I found out it was Ueno Juri.

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after so long............... 2PM Nichkhun’s reaction to f(x) Victoria’s passport photo

f(x)’s Victoria revealed her passport photo to her ‘husband’ 2PM’s Nichkhun on September 11th’s episode of  MBC’s “We Got Married“.
On this episode, Nichkhun gave Victoria a present prepared by his mother. During this process, Victoria’s passport photo was coincidentally revealed.
Nichkhun smiled mysteriously while poring over the photo. Usually passport photos are unflattering, but Victoria’s was attractive. Nichkhun declared that he would keep the photo and took a picture of  it with his own cellphone, which embarrassed Victoria.
Nichkhun also created a dream team with 2AM’s Seulong and Wonder Girls‘ Sun Ye to help his ‘wife’ pass her driving test. The trio translated a Korean study guide into Chinese for her. Viewers laughed at the chaotic wording of the study guide.