Sunday, May 22, 2011

Code-V's "Honestly" album has been released!

(These tracks have been previously released but are also included on the album):

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Boss's Love Bingo PV

DGNA/The Boss's Love Bingo PV

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ohhhhh my goodness so cute!!!

[NEWS] Information About G-Dragon's Injury

[NEWS] Updates on GDragon's injured leg from YGE

It has been revealed that although Big Bang’s G-Dragon has a cast on his leg, it’s not a major injury. On May 16th, a YG Entertainment representative said, “G-Dragon slightly sprained his leg during the c


oncert. It is not a big injury. He is only wearing the half-cast during performances in case the injury might worsen while moving around. It is okay now. There is no need to worry”.

G-Dragon’s injury was made known by a tweet from MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” producer Kim Tae Ho. He tweeted about Big Bang’s Japanese concert, saying, “GD had a light cast on his right foot.”

While that tweet was made in response to a Big Bang fan, his response quickly informed netizens of G-Dragon’s injury.

Big Bang is currently on their “Love & Hope Tour” in Japan, hitting up Osaka, Nagoya, and Chiba.

[NEWS] Infinity Challenge PD tweets about Big Bang and G-Dragon

A fan of Big Bang asked the PD of “Infinity Challenge”, Kim Taeho, about GD’s leg injury because he went to Big Bang’s concert in Japan, he replied to her about his leg and also told a little something Myungsoo said to GD. This was tweeted about 7 hours ago.

@virgo_mono 오늘 지디군 오른쪽 발에 가벼운 깁스 했던데.. 콘서트는 최고였습니다.. 정말 존경스럽더라고요… 명수형이 지드레곤에게 말한대로 “나이가 많다고 내가 형이 아니라, 성공했으니까 네가 내 형이다. 밥사줘라…


Today GD’s right foot was in a cast.. the concert was the best.. he was really an inspiration… Myung Soo hyung said to G-Dragon “Even if my age is a lot higher than yours I’m not your hyung, for working so hard in trying to succeed, you are my hyung. Feed me…”

사실 개인적으로는 한창중이지 않을까 생각했는데, 오늘도 일본 빅뱅콘서트와서 느낀 건, 아직 부족한게, 배워야할 게 너무나 많네요… 그 동안 뭐했나 싶을 정도로… 부단히 공부해야겠습니다….
To be honest I thought about how I’m not fully ready to unfold yet, today at Big Bang’s Japanes


e concert I felt, that I’m still lacking, that I still have a lot to learn… In the meantime doing what I want to do is enough… I will constantly study…

명수형 “지드레곤! 나이가 많다고 내가 형이 아니야…네가 더 성공했으니까 네가 내 형이야… 나이가 무슨 상관있니? 그러니까 밥 한번 사줘라! 형!” ㅎㅎ
Myung Soo hyung said, “G-Dragon! I’m not your hyung just because I’m much older than you… because you work so hard in trying to succeed you’re my hyung…. Do you think age matters? So just feed me for once! Hyung!” he he

[NEWS] YG Choreographer Jae Wook tweets about G-Dragon's Leg Injury

Translation: Jiyong only slightly sprained his ankle and it’s already being treated. Please do not worry. :)

Source: my daily via bigbangupdates, @teoinmbc translated by sammi @ ibigbang, jae wook's twitter (@ganzi78) translated by amanda@ ibigbang + omonatheydidnt


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Thursday, May 12, 2011

BEAST First Full-Length Album to be released on 17th May~ OMO SO EGGCITED I CANT WAIT!


BEAST 1st full-length album ‘Fiction And Fact’
1. The Fact
2. Fiction
3. Back to You
4. You
5. Freeze
6. Virus
7. 불러보지만 (Calling You)
8. 비가 오는 날엔 (On Rainy Days)
9. Lightless (Unplugged Ver.)
10. Fiction (Orchestra Ver.)

BEAST’s sprinting that can’t be stopped!
The first official album [Fiction and Fact]

Selling out their first solo concert at scary speed, BEAST, who had made their spot as the strong forces in KPOP is returning with an official first album. Not just in Korea, but this is the comeback album that fans all over Asia have been waiting for. [Fiction and Fact]

The album intro song ‘The Fact’ is the song that leads a smooth introduction to the main track ‘Fiction’ and the deep emotions can be sensed from the song. Like the title many people don’t want to accept ‘The Fact’ of their breakup, the album moves straight into ‘Fiction’. ‘Fiction’ is different from the strong beat and sound that BEAST originally has and it is the type of a song with a focus on the melody and lyrics. The lyrics express the wanting to write a novel in order to display hardships as one faces realizing the pain of a breakup. This is heightened with an addictive piano reef making the song a sad story. Also, in order to express the overwhelming emotions of the song ‘Fiction’, BEAST had also included an orchestra version of the song. 
The song ‘Back to You’ with an attractive rising melody is expected to receive a lot of love from the fans. Other the luxurious performance songs on the album, the pop ballad song ‘Calling You’ show off the colors of the member’s voices , ‘On the Day Rain Falls’ was actually recorded on a raining day so that the members can full express their young emotions, the song ‘You’ is fully of happiness. The song ‘Virus’ that encompasses Electronic Dubstep and Black R&B make the album even better to listen too.

In particular, since it is their first official album, many surprises can be found, including the song, ‘Freeze’ which has been written, composed, and edited my Yong Junhyung as a special gift to the fans. Also the ‘Lightless’ Unplugged version that had received hotly response from the fans had also been in included in the album adding even more value to it. 

WHOO! 2NE1 Beast and MissA with releases~~

Beast - Rainy Days

Miss A - Love Alone

2NE1 - Lonely

SS501’s Heo Young Saeng makes his solo debut with a dance track, “Let It Go”

Friday, May 6, 2011

X-5’s Haewon is fluent in three foreign languages.

In an interview with Sports ChosunX-5’s Haewon revealed that he’s fluent in three foreign languages.
Born in 1991, he boasts a tall height of 186 cm, and has handsome looks to boot. There’s more behind that pretty face, though, as it was discovered that he’s fluent in Russian, English, and Japanese.
Haewon explained, “My father’s a diplomat so I lived in Ukraine from my sixth year of elementary school till my third year of junior high. I can freely speak in Russian and English thanks to the experience. I’ve recently picked up Japanese for our Japanese advancement.”
The other members of X-5 added, “We once had to shoot a video in English for an international media outlet. The rest of us just greeted the camera and left everything else up to Haewon. He’s got a bit of a Russian accent, but he’s still really good.”

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

X-5 selected as ‘power rookies’ by “Inkigayo” magazine


Posted Image

Thanks to the attention their debut has been garnering, X-5 was chosen as the ‘power rookie’ of the month for the May edition of SBS’s “Inkigayo” magazine.

In celebration of the feat, the five members took part in a special photoshoot and interview that showed off their charms both individually and as a group. “Inkigayo” commented, “Despite the fact that they have model-like heights and handsome looks, they don’t rely on that at all and opt instead to show their power and charisma through their unique performance style. They’re a ‘poker faced rookie’ that is worthy of attention.”
X-5 showed their determination by adding, “We will work hard to become a group that can stand at the top of the world.”
Readers of the magazine commented, “I overlooked them thinking they were just rookies, so it was nice to be able to get an in-depth view of who they are”, and “They’re worthy of being chosen as power rookies. I’m already looking forward to their future promotions.”


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