Wednesday, January 11, 2012

X-5 talks about the importance of gaining experience

On January 9th, X-5 sat down for an interview to talk about their reflections on working with labelmate senior Jun Jin at the ‘Open World Festival in Tokyo‘ last year.
Leader Gun said, “There’s a reason why Shinhwa is considered legendary. They have enough stage experience to catch exactly what the crowd wants. Watching over them was like watching their history and experience.”
Zin continued, “While performing with Jun Jin and The Boss, we realized what a difference experience can make. They freely enjoyed the stage and the concert with their fans, which was something we still had to learn.”
The festival was a meaningful one in that it marked Jun Jin’s return from the army; it was also the first collaboration stage between The Boss and X-5.
Gun stated, “This was only our first concert together, so we hope that it will become a concert that can be long-lasting and well-loved in Japan. Our dream is to perform at the Tokyo Dome together.”
Source + Photos: Star News + allkpop + omonatheydidnt

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