Thursday, January 12, 2012

X-5′s Zin reveals Gun’s chocolate abs ヾ(◕ω◕)ノ

X-5‘s Zin sneakily revealed a picture of leader Gun and his chocolate abs!
On January 8th, Zin wrote on the group’s official me2day, “Look at Gun hyung’s body, just look kekekeke His abs are no joke! kekekeke.”
Although it’s seemingly a picture of himself getting his make up done, the backdrop is of Gun changing his shirt, showing his chocolate abs in the process.
Netizens commented, “Wow~ daebak,” “His face is handsome, his body is more handsome…” “Look, there’s chocolate!” “Thanks, Zin oppa~” and “Reveal them on TV, too!”
Source + Photos: X-5′s Official me2day + allkpop + omonatheydidnt

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