want to earn some cash?


Whether you're a girl or a guy... you're going to love this one!! :) I mean... who doesn't want to earn easy money?!
You know how you sometimes receive ads or promos via SMS? I always get SMS ads from Starhub, Zirca, spas and nail shops... basically stuff I never signed up for (!!) in the first place and I don't get paid for it!!

Well... I think it's fab now that with , I can receive similar SMSs regarding promos and special deals I would actually be interested in... AND get paid for receiving them!

You don't even have to do anything... all you have to do is a quick sign up.
CLICK HERE to sign up!!
You can indicate your 3 top ad interests, so you will only receive ads that will be useful to you. I chose Women's Fashion, Food&Beverage and Sports.

DONE! Now you will get paid whenever you receive smads PLUS you can still earn even if you don't receive smads as long as your referrals receive smads.
The key to earning more is to refer more friends.

So, after signing up, you can post your uniquely generated link on your Facebook wall or Blog and get your friends to sign up through it. You're one of the firsts to hear about this( thanks to meee!)... so it's going to be much easier to recruit friends to sign up now ... ( pretty soon.... all your friends will be on board and you won't have many that you can refer and earn from! So be one of the firsts now, and start earning more!)

cr. hollyjean